Speed Review, August Edition. Don’t forget your hands!

If you visit this blog, obviously you care about your skin on your face, but do you know that neck and hands are the next in showing signs of aging? Having a flawless face but wrinkly neck and hands is not a good look. My neck don’t need much moisturizer but I usually extend my cleansing, toning and serum step down to my chest whenever I can. As for hands, since you wash it several times a day (I hope), keeping it moisturized is very important. While I usually just use leftover face product or body lotion, I couldn’t resist all the cute hand creams available as I’m delve into Korean skincare. Sure, you can get L’occitane shea butter hand cream or Bliss hand cream in those bland boring tubes, but why do that when you can have this:

Ok fine, they are not quite as practical to carry in a purse due to size, but they would look so cute on a desk! Keep them on your desk to brighten up your day, gift them to kids/teenagers who have just started learning to take care of their skin, or the apple one at least is great for a small teacher’s gift. But is it all packaging? It’s true that some of them (TonyMoly Tangerine *cough*) are filled with silicone and cheap oil just like the $2 drugstore ones but with more expensive packaging. However! There are some with good ingredients worthy of substituting the high end ones.

THEFACESHOP Lovely Mix Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream – this is a lightweight cream with a mild powdery floral scent. It moisturizes well and sinks into the skin fast. Because it is lightweight, it won’t be enough if you have very dry hand or is looking for something for winter. The ingredients list does contain some shea butter, but it was listed behind silicone and other stuff. It’s more of a normal drugstore cream in pretty packaging

TonyMoly Apple Hand Cream – this is a great hand cream for normal use. It’s a rich cream that moisturizes well due to shea butter, but is very emollient so it doesn’t feel heavy or thick. It’s also got fruit extract to help soften and brighten (read: even out skin tone) the hand. It also smells just like a fresh apple, like if you take a bite out of a red apple and sniff it, this is what it smells like.

TonyMoly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream– I initially got it because I love panda, but it is actually comparable to L’occitane shea butter hand cream. Shea butter is the 2nd ingredient for this hand cream, and it feel just as thick as L’occitane with the same clean floral fresh scent. It feels like a thick body butter and does take a few seconds to sink in completely, so I like to use it mostly at night before bed. Do not worry about the brightening/whitening part, your hand will not be a shade lighter than your arm after using this (I guess it’s suppose to refer to prevent dark age spot or something? Otherwise I see/feel no whitening). There is also a face moisturizer from TonyMoly with the same packaging, but from the ingredients list it seems to be more of a drugstore quality, a fun basic moisturizer.

There are other variety of animals and fruit packaging for the hand cream from THEFACESHOP and TonyMoly. You can always buy it for the packaging and put your favorite cream in it after use, but if you are buying for the hand cream, different packaging contains different hand cream! I would recommend apple for normal use, and panda for really dry skin or winter. I don’t know why they keep going in and out of stock, but you can find these and many other cute ones on kollectionk, SokoGlam, UrbanOutfitter and Sephora.

While I took several pretty pictures of hand cream, the picture of the empties for this month is nowhere to be found and I’ve already took them to Origins for recycle by the time I put together this post, so, the speed review will be pictureless this time. =/

Boscia Cool Blue Hydration Essence – it is 82% Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate like most essence, but that’s about it. It really have more of a gel serum consistency. It is lightweight and goes on with a slight tingling/cooling sensation just like the Boscia blue face mask. It does help with hydration, but I don’t think it brightens or firms. While they say it’s to calm sensitive skin, I’m not sure if that cooling/tingling sensation is ok. I would recommend it for all skin types, although if you have oily skin then you might not need a moisturizer afterward. Overall it’s a nice product, but treat it more like a serum than an essence. Personally I would not buy it again. If I want essence I will go for Secret Key and if I want a hydrating serum then I’ll go with DDG hydration booster.

Dr. Dennis Gross Dark Spot Sun Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – the consistency of it is just like a normal cream moisturizer, not thick or greasy. It goes on with a slight white tint, not too noticeable, and gives a slightly matte finish. My skin was hydrated but I don’t feel as much oil around my nose during the day. When I rub my face later, however, it did flake a little bit around my peach fuzz. The sample I got was white but turned a light yellow after a few days, probably due to sun exposure. It flaked a little on me and some have complained of breakouts so it’s off my list. But if you want a high SPF that moisturizes and gives a matte finish, it’s worth getting a sample to try.

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask – it is a lightweight gel, but unlike normal moisturizer, it doesn’t sink in as fast. It stays on the skin like a gel mask for awhile before disappearing into the skin. If you are applying it generously like a mask, it dries very slowly and feels a bit sticky. You can use it like a moisturizer if you apply sparingly. It is very refreshing and hydrating. It is full of plant extract, but does not contain alcohol, paraben or fragrance. I would recommend it for combination or dry skin that want hydration but hates anything thick or stuffy.

Fresh Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask – it is a gooey cream that smells really really sweet, a typical honey scent. I think I read somewhere it is 38% honey, which would make sense for why it’s slightly sticky but not as much as pure honey. It spreads well onto the face, with the consistency of honey+vaseline. It never dries completely and feels slippery when rinsing off. However, it didn’t feel stuffy after rinsing off and my skin does feel very lovely indeed the next morning. The dry patches are gone and my skin feel soft and smooth. The combo of honey, oils, and shea butter really works! However, I’m not sure if the effect makes up for the price tag when you can get a jar of good quality raw honey and facial oil for $100 less. The effect might not be as obvious (maybe 80% as effective as this mask) and it feels more sticky on the skin, but the alternative is $140 so….. If you loathe the sticky feeling and how difficult it is to rinse off pure honey but still want the quality, then this is a good choice. I love the mask, but not enough to pay $140 for it (maybe at half price, or at Sephora’s 20% off sale if I’m feeling REALLY rich someday).

Fresh Lotus Eye Gel – this is for the pump, not to be confused with the cream/jar version. It have a very light, almost unnoticeable scent same as the Fresh Lotus face cream. It have a light gel consistency, glides on easily and sinks in nicely around the eye area with no irritation even on eyelid.While it does feel nice on the eyes and help a bit with depuffing, I can’t tell the difference between it and the Fresh rose gel eye cream.

Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Booster – I’ve used Fresh Seaberry oil before, and this is still oil based. However, the booster does not have a scent. While the oil feels thin and greasy, this feels a bit more emollient, less greasy and sinks in slightly better. Which means it does play nicer than oil if you mix it with your face/eye cream as they suggested. It gives the moisturizer more of a slip and leaves the skin feeling a bit more moisturized/supple. It is a good product and fine for all skin types, so give it a try if you are interested. As for if I will buy it…..it’s $45 for .5oz of oil mixture with a camellia oil base. At that price I think I’ll just go for Boscia Tsubaki oil, which is also camellia based and is $46 for 1.7oz.

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser – is a clear orange colored cleansing balm. It have the same mild orange/citrus scent as the rest of the vitamin C line. It feels thick like vaseline in the jar but melt into an oil once you rub it onto dry skin. It does take off makeup pretty well and is not difficult to rinse off. It left the skin feeling moisturized, so it’s great if you have dry skin. However, if you have oily skin or is prone to acne or clogged pores, try the Clinique balm or a cleansing water instead.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask – the most difficult part of using this mask, is to refrain yourself from eating it. It smells like pumpkin pie and have a gel consistency with tiny aluminum-oxide granule in it. It is half enzyme mask with acid to help work on the texture and pores, and half physical exfoliant to help remove dead skin. However, it is not harsh, drying or abrasive and my skin feels soft and smooth the next day. I would recommend it to all skin types, especially if you want something appropriate for sensitive skin but is still effective, or something that is a good combination of physical and chemical without being too harsh. Out of all the PTR masks, I think this is my favorite (the cucumber and rose are nice, but I prefer Fresh rose to those two).

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Precious Oil SPF 15 – it is a dry oil with a very very light rose scent. It doesn’t feel thick, sticky or greasy, so lightweight it almost feel like water. I was worried about using oil under makeup but it sinks in well on the skin,  almost as of I didn’t apply anything. If you are ok with only SPF15 and want a lightweight moisturizer that gives you a luminous (not oily or shiny) finish then give this a try. It’s great for normal skin, may not be enough for dry skin unless you pile it on. It’s nice, but for $80…….well…….not my cup of tea.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – the ingredients here are indeed high class. They are all oils packed with skin benefits plus retinol. The oil itself is lightweight and so very blue in the bottle. However, the blue disappears as you rub it into your skin. It sinks in well and is moisturizing enough I did not need to any anything afterward. If you have super dry skin you might want a lightweight moisturizer. While it does contain retinol, it did not make my skin flaky or red, so I would say it’s appropriate for all skin types including sensitive. While it is expensive, the ingredients justified it. You may not see much difference if you don’t have a big pore/wrinkle problem or is on a strong retinol product already. As for me, I like it enough to check out other products from the brand.

So that’s all the cute hand cream and new products I tried this month. Enjoy!


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