Korean Skincare Trinkets: silk ball, steam cloth and cleansing stick?

Korean skincare is the current craze and everyone knows about cushion compact and sheet masks. However, there are a lot of other fun and interesting things to check out as well. While I wasn’t adventurous (or rich) enough to try the truly strange, I did find some interesting trinkets with positive reviews online, so I went for it.KoreanSkincareTrinkets4

By this point a lot of people are familiar with konjac sponges, but another all-natural exfoliant cleansing tool that’s kind of popular are silk cacoons? And I admit, I just bought Innisfree steam towel because it looks amusing and because I need a few more dollar of things to get free shipping on kcollectionk (BEST use of $7 this year). While I’m not familiar with the brand Su:m37, there seems to be a very dedicated following for the rose cleansing stick especially and everyone either LOVE it or like it.

A’PIEU Pore Cleansing 100% Silk BallKoreanSkincareTrinkets0

I can’t read Korean but from what little English information I can gather online, you are suppose to soak it in hot water for a few minutes to soften, then put it on your finger to use. Well, I thought it would either expand and get puffy like a sponge or at least soften like a towel. But no matter how hot the water was or how long I soak, it doesn’t go cotton ball soft. It feels like it went from hardness of cardboard to….hardness of a soaked cardboard…. The image with black background shows a dry/new ball compared with a soaked ball on my finger ready to use. It is smooth and does exfoliate since I can see things when I rub it on the skin. However, I don’t like the hardness and it doesn’t look super practical. Maybe it’s good around the nose but really? using a finger (ok, fine, 2 fingers if you use both hand) seems very tedious, and you can get the same effect from a cotton ball or sponge.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Steam Towel


It’s a plush microfiber clothe for your face. I tried microwaving it at first, but it works just as well if you run it under very hot water to thoroughly soak it then wring it gently until it is damp. You know how masks works better after a shower because of the steam? Using this before a mask gives you the same effect! When I apply masks after taking it off, it feels more effective/stronger, especially the mud/clay one where I can feel it sucking out things from the skin as it dries and tightens. It is best cheap investment I’ve made this year. You can do it with heat up water then put your head over the pot (uncomfortable) or use a normal towel but this have a nose slit for breathing. If you like masks, I would definitely recommend getting this.

Su:m37 Rose Cleansing Stick


When I first saw it, I thought it was just a stick of soap. Well, I was half right. The ph of the soap is adjusted to be almost the same as your skin, so it is able to cleanse with minimal disturbance to your acid mantle (healthy skin is slightly acidic, soap are basic). It is also sulfate free so instead of cleansers that dries out your skin with some ingredients but try to make up with it by adding moisturizing ingredients, this cleanse and hydrates, pure and simple. You twist the bottom to push the soap stick out, swipe it a few times on your wet/damp face, then rub with hand to lather. You don’t need a lot to get a good lather (it won’t foam), just draw a circle on forehead/each cheek, so it will last awhile.

The stick form makes it very convinient: no mess, no need for soap dish and does not count as liquid for traveling! However, what makes it convinient is also what makes it inconvinient. Because it’s soap, you have to leave it open after use to give it time to dry. It should also be used as cleanser AFTER you used a makeup remover, can you imagine it being sanitary if you repeatedly rub it over dirty/makeup filled skin? Overall, this is excellent if you have sensitive or dry skin, or want something convinient in the morning. If you have oily skin and want a stick cleanser, you might be interested in Boscia Charcoal Cleansing Stick (only caveat is, I don’t think it’s formulated for your skin’s ph so it really is just a charcoal soap in stick form).

Will you be trying any of them? I will not be getting the silk balls again, don’t even want to use the ones I do have. I would definitely would get the steam cloth again and would recommend it to any mask lovers. The cleansing stick is excellent if you have dry/sensitive skin or want a sulfate-free cleanser. I do like it enough that I’m getting a second one, especially since it’s currently $6 off on Sokoglam! AND if you use my referral code you get $10 off $25 (if the link didn’t work try this: http://fbuy.me/cFYXg They also have other good brands like Missha, Tony Moly and fun masks).

Edit: kcollectionk is currently having a sale for National Liberation Day of Korea. They have a wide variety of skincare products at cheap price and is where I got the steam cloth and majority of my sheet masks from, the only con is that products are often out of stock. =/


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