Fall Wishlist: Top 5 prettiest beauty product

With all the car repair and tax expenses lately, I had to take a few items off my to-buy list. It doesn’t prevent me from lusting after it, eventhough most of the time when it comes to makeup, I try it, blog about it then forget about it. So, I’m gonna pretend I already bought and blog about it, therefore I don’t need to buy them. But if you are looking to indulge yourself in some very pretty makeup, or giving them as gifts, here are my top 5 items for fall that I can’t get out of my mind:

YSL Very YSL Silver Edition Makeup Palette

I am normally not a fan of powder and cream product together without a separator of some sort, but YSL knows how to do pretty packaging. And it’s an eye/cheek/lip palette in one, so perfect for travel or touch ups during classy evenings. It launches in US on Oct 2015, source ChicProfile.

Burberry Camo Eyeshadow

Love at first sight, eventhough I’m not too sure about practicality of a mixed color eyeshadow without separator. All I know is I love Burberry, it looks pretty, and it comes out in the fall. UPDATE: Looks like it will be available in Sephora!Source: A Model Recommends.

Givenchy Ondulations D’or

It is a talc-free eyeshadow color consist of bronze, black and gold. It is available for purchase on Sephora for $58, but I simply do not use eyeshadows enough to justify buying it. There’s good reviews of it and the rest of the collection from Mostly Sunny and Bella Chique. Image from PopSugar.

Givenchy Prisme Libre Couture Edition

This powder is currently available on eBay from Germ1123 (first image, my goto for past Guerlain LEs) and ParcelPuppy (second image, placed an order and wrote a review here). The perfume and the lipstick (in a bold pink) are available at Sephora but the rest from the brochure seems to be Japan LE. I am very tempted to get the powder because I got the lipstick, but I’ve got enough pressed powder and meteorites to last me for decades. Besides, the powder is available in plain packaging at Sephora for purchase any time.

Sephora Collection Embossed Traincase – Pink Quilted

It is so pretty and I can totally vouch for the quality! It is sold in Sephora for $110 but also available in a few other more plain colors. I bought my first, and only one so far, on sale and did a review on BeautyTalk. It’s a bit heavy and difficult to move the dividers on the second and bottom tier, but it have a key to keep it safe and padding for fragile items. It is also very very sturdy. Not gonna lie, I’ve put a cushion on it a few times and used it as a stool while taking pictures for blog or organizing makeup and it holds up fine. I love the pink color, but I don’t have enough makeup to justify getting a second traincase at full price. I thought it would go on sale but it’s been a year. If you aren’t picky about color but want a good quality traincase, the special/seasonal color ones usually go on sale in the spring or fall for half price, totally worth it.

So that’s my top 5 want-but-can’t-justify-buying products. Now that I’ve properly documented the pretty pictures, I’m going to shelf those away in the depth of my heart and moving onto other pretty things I’m almost justified in getting. Almost. There’s a fierce internal debate going on about whether I need a Foreo Luna or Shiseido Snow Beauty Powder. So, what beauty products are you obsessed with right now?


2 thoughts on “Fall Wishlist: Top 5 prettiest beauty product

  1. I am crazy obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury right now. She is a British makeup artist that has her own line of beauty products, and her line has recently been available for purchase here in the states. I have been watching her youtube makeup tutorials for weeks now, and finally bit the bullet and ordered one of her sets off her website. I havent received my package yet, but I am impatiently waiting for my goodies! I ordered a set that contains her filmstar bronze and glow (its a contour kit basically, has a bronzer and highlighter), a mini magic cream (I’m just *dying* to try this product, its a moisturizer that you use under makeup, and its supposed to plump up skin and make it glowy while deeply hydrating the skin at the same time and prepping it for makeup), the mascara, and the, get ready for this awesome name, the K.I.S.S.I.N.G fallen from the lipstick tree lipstick in bitch perfect 😀 Its an expensive line, but it has amazing reviews and I’m so so so excited to try out my new goodies!

  2. I remember we said we would let each other know when the pink train case went on sale lol. So my Mom and my sister bought 2 traincases for me last summer. They are also pink. I will take a photo and send it to you sometime lol.

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