Lacy Eye Masks! Masquerade~~~

Paper faces on parade~~~Masquerade! ~~~ Every face a different shade~~~~

Ok, so this is not that type of eye masks. They look pretty enough for a masquerade, but I doubt they can hide any part of your identity and they don’t really stay if you dance. Most sheet masks for eyes are strips that you put under your eyes. These masks are like sexy super hero masks, where you have pretty lace surrounded by hydrating gel. I saw them on Sokoglam and couldn’t resist getting some to try.


Aren’t they pretty??? They are not the sheet masks that will scare your cat, significant others, or the flight attendant when you travel. These masks are the ones almost pretty enough to wear for an evening out (except of course, you should take off make up and cleanse before wearing them for skincare benefit). The black one is Glam Rock Adacadabra Mask from Too Cool for School, and the white one is Radiant Lace Hydrogel Eye Patch from Benila Co. Interested? read on for reviews…

Glam Rock Adacadabra Mask from Too Cool for School


It is a scentless gel mask, a little drippy with essence. It conforms to the face shape well but because it start out wet, it slides down unless you lie down on the bed. After a few minutes when it’s a bit dry, it sticks better to the skin and I was free to move around. I don’t know about fine lines, but it did feel cool upon application and my eye area feels calm and hydrated after use.

Radiant Lace Hydrogel Eye Patch from Benila Co.


It is also a scentless gel mask. It’s wet but does not have as much essence as the Too Cool for School eye masks. It also have the eye patch cutout dangling off the mask instead of just eye holes, which I find a bit awkward. The ingredients are pretty nice and it does stick well to the face and hydrates well.

Personally I prefer the black mask a bit more. Maybe because the essence is more liquidy or there’s more of it, but I feel like I’m getting more out of it than the white one. And, not gonna lie, I love the look of the black one better as well. Go put on some red lipstick and fulfill your cat woman fantasy! Hey, nobody said skincare have to be boring~~~

I brought the masks from Soko Glam, they currently have a promo where you get $10 off $25 if you use my referral link:

Sometimes some of the products can be bought elsewhere for cheaper but they do carry a lot of popular products that are hard to find elsewhere (skincare, BB cream etc). And with the discount Soko would be cheaper right now.


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