Skincare Journal, July: Finally got myself a Clarisonic

So after years, YEARS of debating, I finally got myself a Clarisonic Mia 2. There’s all these miracle stories about how Clarisonic changed their life, then all these horror stories about the unending breakouts and broken capilaries. Well, my skin was feeling crappy since I was sick and I figure it can’t get any worse *knocks on wood*. When I talked with a Clarisonic rep before, she confided to me that the sensitive brush head is really the one that’s appropriate for normal skin and using it once a day is usually enough. I brought myself a delicate brush head just in case, but so far so good.


I’ve been using the sensitive brush head with Clarisonic Mia 2 on the lower speed setting every night for a week. I didn’t use any scrubs or peels during that time since it gave enough of a thorough but gentle surface exfoliation that I didn’t feel like I have any grime or flaky skin that I need to scrub away afterwards. It wasn’t miraculous but it did clean and exfoliate very well within the 1 minute of use. As for the breakouts, I did notice that it brought the underskin acne to the surface, so I did get a bit of breakout where I usually have acne. However, it did not give me breakout where I usually don’t have acne and what I do have goes away faster (2-3 days). Of course I used makeup remover beforehand, made sure to shake out the water after use and used toner on my skin to make sure I’m not spreading bacteria around.

Worth it? It will cleanse your skin better and give you a good surface exfoliation, but if your underskin bumps are not due to clogged pores/dull skin, then a Clarisonic will not fix it and some sort of acid or peel might be better. It will bring under the skin gunks to surface, so if you have any then you might go through a purging period (but don’t confuse it with breakouts and irritation from overuse). What I did like about Clarisonic is that… it actually shortens my cleansing time. I usually spend forever at sink, paranoid about not washing everything off, but Mia 2 have a timer that warns me when it’s time to move onto a different part of the face and turns off after 1 minute, so I can’t overcleanse but my skin is definitely soft, smooth and clean afterwards. And you can skip using scrubs if you are using this every day, so it may save you time and amount of products you need. Now I’ve done my duty and joined the group of 1092494894 bloggers that have reviewed the Clarisonics so far. Moving on to skincare journal….

Skin condition: I was sick for half of the month and my skin condition took a downturn. My motivation to do skincare goes down exponentially down when I’m sick and I didn’t even touch makeup. In addition to oily, flaky skin, I’ve been getting a continuous stream of acne. I felt better and the acnes have stopped coming….. *fingers crossed*

Products used: In addition to some honey sheet masks for hydration, I also used Manuka honey as a mask a few times. To keep oil/breakout at bay, I used up the Glamglow Supermud and Ahava mud mask mini I have. In addition to that, I’ve gotten a Clarisonic so I’ve been cutting back on exfoliation. No peels, just a gentle scrub once week at most. As for the products I use daily:

  • Murad Essential C cleanser
  • Lancome Tonique Douceur
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum
  • Fresh Rose Eye Gel
  • Fresh Lotus Cream
  • AmorePacific Natural Protector SPF30

I’m almost done with the toner and serum, but I’ve been holding back on trying new things since I want to make sure if Clarisonic is doing good or bad beforehand. Right now I’ve been using it everyday. It haven’t made me extra sensitive or anything, so I think I’ll continue to use it daily.

Other influences: I got a massage this week! It’s my first time and it feels sooooo gooooood. I have a back massager from Brookestone that I love, but my back and shoulder was sore from being sick so I figure I might as well splurge once. It was totally worth it and for the whole 30min, my thought was basically “ooohh….aaaahhh…..OOOHHH…..oh that feels good……mmm…….ah! Don’t drool!…..OOOOoohhh……hahaha that tickles…….I’m sleepy……ah, so good…..” I made the mistake of going in the morning, because afterward I was so relaxed and sleepy that I didn’t want to do anything the whole day. Ooops.


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