My First Tom Ford Eye Palette: Cognac Sable

Ugh, I’ve been sick this past few weeks. This is my first time getting a cold in the summer, who knew it would be so potent? I didn’t feel like doing any makeup or skincare experiments, so I pulled out this post that I’ve kept on the back burner for a while since it’s not LE, but I really like this palette so here it goes. When it comes to eyeshadows, I tend to be attracted to pretty packaging and colors. The brown/gold minimalist packaging doesn’t really appeal to me, but after much raving from everyone I know, I finally splurged for a Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Cognac Sable.

TFCognacSable TFCognacSable2

Yes it’s $80+ for only 4 colors. However, there’s .35oz of shadows in there. For reference, an Urban Decay single eyeshadow is .05oz, so this is like 7 of them in weight. It is also a great travel option since it provides a variety of sponge tips and a little brush tip. While they do not compare to my fancy Hakuhodo or Chikuhodo brushes, they do allow me to do a few different eye looks and blend without needing a separate brush in a pinch. The best part of the packaging is the large mirror. It allows me to see my whole face and is actually bigger than the mirror on most of my powder compacts! =OTFCognacSable3

The only con really (aside from the price, but you get what you pay for and the quality is good so, oh well) is that the outside of the compact collects fingerprints rather easily. I don’t really care for the little pouch either. The opening is magnetic and at this point you are really more interested in the shadows aren’t you? Well, they are absolutely lovely.TFCognacSable4

If you have taken a look at my makeup swatches, you will notice they are….well, a little lackluster compare to other blogs. The reason being that I never use primers and don’t really fiddle with my photos aside from a little brightness/contrast. This is swatched without primers and look at that pigmentation and shine! The left is the palette, middle after 1 swirl in the pan with finger, and right is after I wiped 3 times with tissue.

The shadows all felt silky except for the copper glitter, they are soft but doesn’t leave you with a bunch of loose powder after using it. I LOVE the glitter because it actually have PIGMENTS as well as sparkle! It is also not as scratchy as most glitters I’ve tried and doesn’t feel too gritty. It sticks well to the lid without too much fallout and does not irritate my eyes. Even after 3 firm but gentle wipe with tissue, the color is still there even if the shimmer/glitter isn’t.  When I wiped it with water a few times, the shadows were gone, so they are good but not magical. If you want lasting power better than powder shadows and more intensity, then use a primer, but I don’t think I’ll need to.

Do you need a Tom Ford Palette? Yes if you are a frequent eyeshadow user. If you are just browsing around for fun colors that you seldom use, then this is quite the splurge. If you know you will use the colors in a palette frequently or want something failsafe that you can pull out no matter the occasion and look awesome, Tom Ford’s got your back. It’s not the kind of palette you collect, unless you are rich, but the kind that you should own at least one of if you like quality eyeshadow.


2 thoughts on “My First Tom Ford Eye Palette: Cognac Sable

  1. Oh wow! That palette is right up my alley. I do not own any Tom Ford products, but I did buy a Tom Ford lipstick once as a gift. Those colors are so gorgeous! I agree with you about the packaging, brown has never been my favorite color, and I’m not really drawn to square packagings. I prefer my palettes to come in a circular package, my preference might be so stupid for a lot of people lol, but I feel like circular quads are prettier and easier to open. Often times, for me, square packages tend to be really big and clunky. I’m a big eye shadow user (been using and abusin’ my naked 2 palette lately). Thanks for the review, will consider Tom Ford purchases in the future 😀

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