DIY: Brush tree/drying rack

Since my taste in brushes has been getting more and more expensive, I can’t handle them as haphazardly and roughly as I did before. Good care is essential if I want to make those $50-$100 brushes worth it. For example, do you know that you aren’t suppose to get the ferrule wet? Moisture in the ferrule can loosen the glue that holds the bristle together and ruin your brushes. Sometimes getting the brush wet is inevitable, but you should never EVER let the brush dry with bristle side up. I used to squeeze the water out then lay them flat to dry, but a better way is to hang them and let them dry upside down. Benjabelle offers great brush trees for a variety of brushes and from what I heard they were pretty great.


However,ย I’m not at the point where I like buying tools for my makeup tools, and this looks DIY-able. All you need are:

  • Thick and sturdy cardboard lid
  • A 2-3ft long ribbon or string
  • A piece of foam…sheet? board?
  • Scissor or exacto knife to make holes
  • Pencil to mark things
  • Ductape of whatever color you like

And you will get something like this! I also like it better than brush trees since it’s easy to store, the holes are customizable depending on the girth of your brushes, and the components are replaceable/super cheap. Read on for the DIY!


Step 1: Find a sturdy cardboard lid, a really thick one, then cut holes in it. The normal shipping boxes or shoe boxes won’t cut it, because once you start putting brushes in it can’t handle the weight in the middle and will collapse. I made mine from a Sephora box I got from a perfume sampler way back, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something similar. You can even use plastic or wood board if you’d like, as long as you can find something else to make holes in it. It was so thick I couldn’t make the holes with my scissor, so I had to use a drill to make the holes, then scissor to enlarge it and make it cleaner.


Step 2: Get a foam sheet, cut it to fit the inside of the cardboard box and mark the holes. I don’t know what the real name of these foam sheets are called, but basically anything that have a bit of bounce/friction/squeeze that can hold things in place. I got them from the arts and crafts section at Walmart.BrushTree2

Step 3: Tape one side with ductape, the slice the location of the holes with a cross. I thought the foam might be a bit too fragile and the hole might get torn too big if I insert a brush in, so the ductape should make the holes stay the same size to prevent the brushes from being dropped. I used it 3-4 times in the past month with different brushes and nothing got dropped so it works. *fingers crossed*BrushTree3

Step 4: Make holes on the side of the lid, put a ribbon through them so you can hang it up. I was too lazy to make the holes bigger, so I just used paper clip to tie the ribbon. I was afraid the tray might flip if I only used 2 holes, it tilted slightly but no brushes were dropped so, meh. If you want to make it pretty then drill the holes properly and make one on each of the 4 sides to make it more stable.BrushTree4

Step 5: Put the foam sheet in, hang it up, and enjoy drying your brushes!BrushTree5

The hardest part was finding a sturdy enough cardboard tray and to drill the holes, but the rest can be found at your local Walmart or Target and it only took me 1-2 hrs to make at most to make. To prevent it from losing its grip on the brushes, I push down/flatten the cut part of the holes after I take the brushes out, otherwise it’s showing no sign of wear yet.20150411_141921

If you search for brush tree DIY on youtube, there’s only like 1934953 of them, lol. Althoย I think mine is prettier *sticks out tongue*. In any case, if you want to take good care of your brushes but don’t feel like spending the money, why not give it a try?


3 thoughts on “DIY: Brush tree/drying rack

  1. fun! I have one of those benjabelle ones and i like it. I contemplated a DIY but really, the time/effort thing is a big deterrent lol. Plus I needed a little something to use a promo code or free shipping or something, so I just bought it!

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