Add some colors! Stila, By Terry and UD swatches

My laziness with regard to makeup seems to increase exponentially with the temperature. I’ve been too lazy to use brushes and shadow lately so my summer eye makeup consist of either a swipe of eyeliner or a dab of cream eyeshadow and I’m done. While black eyeliner is nice and all, it’s the summer so why not go for some color? Even if you are not the type for bold neon colors, jewel-tones switch things up while still allow you to be office appropriate.


My favorite jewel-tone liners are blue, green and purple. When it comes to pencil and gel formulas, Marc Jacob Highliner is no doubt the best and my favorite. However, sometimes I want something easier to remove, and it’s not the only good brand out there. Urban Decay eyeliners are always nice, and Stila Smudgesticks were surprisingly pigmented and smudgeproof when I swatched them so I grabbed two while at TMS. The By Terry eyeliner was on sale and I was intrigued by the color so I grabbed it as well.Boldliners2

While By Terry eyeliner was expensive, it came with a sharpener so that was nice (altho I’d imagine buying 5 eyeliners and getting 5 sharpeners would be too many?). Since my Sephora and Marc Jacob gel/crayon liners come with a sharpener at the bottom, I kind of assumed they all do, but apparently Stila does not. It’s fine since Stila is a bit thinner and smaller in size, so it wouldn’t benefit that much from sharpening.

And now for the important part! Swatches! I did 3 swipes for all the liners, except for Smashbox, which needed 6 wipes to get the color below.20150511_123920

By Terry is a very pigmented matte cobalt blue. Stila Ultramarine is a navy blue with a subtle shimmer. Smashbox Azurite is a bright metallic blue. Stila Jade is a true forest green with a subtle shimmer. Urban Decay Covet is a cooler and slightly more shimmery green. Urban Decay Lust is a dark purple and not as pigmented as I thought it would be. While Smashbox is rather hard and waxy, the rest of them are soft enough to glide on easily without breaking.

I usually just do a few swipe of the eyeliners on the top lashline, then smudge slightly with my finger. If you want a more subtle color or interesting look, you can always use it as an accent for your black liner.  You can use it right above the black liner for a double liner. You can smudge it together with the black liner on the outer half of the bottom lashline. Or you can use it just at the very outer corner for just a dot of color, which is my favorite since it looks subtle and whimsical.closedEyeFaceChart

(Found some makeup/face card template online and was playing around in paint.)


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