Summer brushes are out! Hakuhodo+Sephora and Chikuhodo+Beautylish

This is the summer of brushes apparently, with Hakuhodo + Sephora Pro collaboration coming out with 5 beautiful synthetic brushes for the face, and Chikuhodo x Beautylish coming out with a set of 5 handcrafted for eye/face (and lips?). I use a lot of powders so I’m more drawn to natural hair, and how could I resist all these beautiful promotional images??


The ever so wonderful Temptalia and Sweet Makeup Temptation has already put up quite thorough review and detailed pictures of the brushes from the Sakura Collection. I don’t really have anything to add but I did film two short unboxing video on Instagram to give you a feel of everything in the set in addition to the brushes, and the size of the brush (part 1 and 2 @ChicDabbler). It is only available as a set and there are only a few hundred sets available. There will be 3 batches, end of June, July and August. Right now only the August batch is left! So read those reviews and if you want it, then get it asap!


The powder brush is 50/50 goat and blue squirrel, it is very soft but firmer and more supple than a pure squirrel haired brush. The cheek, eyeshadow and crease brushes are all blue squirrel hair–incredibly soft and airy and silky. The smallest brush is fitch and much stiffer and a bit scratchy. Not as scratchy as the Dior brush that an SA used on me last time, but I think I will probably use it more for the lips than eyeliner. If you don’t want a set but love the look and ideal of SOFTEST brush ever, I would recommend getting a Chikuhodo Makie-2. I love the less crowded and bigger sakura design on it more, it’s 100% blue squirrel, and it’s currently on sale for $145 (+$5 shipping) on Chikuhodo website, or $130 (+$5 or more shipping depending on speed, cheapest can take up to 4 weeks) on CDJapan.

If you would rather go for synthetic brushes, or only want them individually instead of separately, Hakuhodo + Sephora Pro brushes are up on Sephora website for Rouge/VIBs! It is currently Rouge/VIB only but I have a feeling it might be available for all in a few weeks. I’m currently broke so I can’t buy them, but I did have an opportunity to feel the cheek brush when I went to TMS. It was a tad softer than Sephora Pro line but more supple than Hakuhodo. They are all face brushes, except for the concealer brush, which can double as an eyeshadow brush for cream products or to smudge the powders.


I already posted the heads up on Instagram but I don’t know how many of the blog/Instagram subscribers overlap, and I wouldn’t want you to miss it if you were looking forward to it. =) The prices for the Hakuhodo+Sephora Pro brushes are not bad. If you brought all of them it would come out to $211 without tax while The Sakura Collection set is $215. So, will you be getting any of them?


3 thoughts on “Summer brushes are out! Hakuhodo+Sephora and Chikuhodo+Beautylish

  1. My Chikuhodo ones came in last week! I was on the fence because of the price but I’m so glad I snatched them up. They’re just as beautiful as I hoped they’d be. I want to do a post about them, but I’d kind of feel bad about it since they sold out so quickly.

    1. Glad you got them! It’s great set for beginners of high end brushes and it gives you a feel of what Chikuhodos are. It’s your blog so if you love it so much, at least it’s eye candy. Personally I love the design on MK2 more, and Beautylish carries LE Chikuhodo set every holiday it seems. Have fun!

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