Skincare Journal, June: Cushion compact?

Cushion compact is quite common in Korea and has became quite popular lately in US with many major American/European brands pushing out their own version. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon since I’m more interested in skincare, and this doesn’t look quite sanitary. However, when I saw a sample of the AmorePacific CC Cushhion Compact available on Nordstrom, I couldn’t resist getting it to satisfy my curiosity. The sample came with a sponge applicator and two of the four shades offered.


The foundation have that perfumed fragrance like the rest of the AP line. The applicator sponge feels nice, soft and smooth. The blue side is the sponge side that you press onto the foundation cushion while the white side is more plastic-ish. The cushion is a porous sponge soaked with a thin liquid foundation. You dab/press the sponge applicator onto the cushion then stamp/bounce/press onto face. The foundation has a sheer coverage and a very natural skin like finish. You can layer it, but then it takes longer to set.  It is great at even the skin of redness but if you have acne scar or dark spot, you might want a concealer on top. I have swatched it against some of the other foundation/BB that I have to give you a better idea of the shades.


I worry about the sanitary of the cushion and sponge if you chose to reapply during the day. However, it is an interesting enough concept that I think I might check out the Laniege cushion before ruling this cushion compact thing out completely. And that was that, now onto the skincare journal… 

Skin condition: I’m staying in Philadelphia this month, it’s more sunny and polluted and my skin is NOT happy. It was bumpy, itchy, oily and dry/flaky at the same time which gave me a few whiteheads. The products I was using last month does not absorb as well and it took some trial and error to make it behave again. It is no longer dry or oily, but it is a bit red, bumpy, itchy and gets irritated easily. =/

Products used: Because the products didn’t absorb as well but my skin is feeling dry, I tried to up the exfoliation and moisturize well, which gave me whiteheads. I finally figured out instead of extra exfoliation, I need extra cleansing and it was better after I switched out the Secret Key essence for Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and cut back on peels. What my skin need was not more moisture but defense against the pollution. I used Ahava mud mask occasionally when my pores feel clogged, and Fresh Rose mask most of the time. As for exfoliation I’ve been using DDG Medi-spa peel and Laura Mercier Face Polish. Daily regimen includes:

  • Murad Essential C cleanser
  • Lancome Toner
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum
  • Fresh Rose eye cream
  • Fresh Lotus cream
  • AmorePacific Natural Protector SPF30

Other influences: I didn’t realize how bad pollution can be for your skin but now I do. I have been craving snacks at night lately, and can now prove that there is a direct correlation between how much salt I consume at night and how terrible my eye bags are in the morning…. =.=


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