Summer GlamGlows! PowerCleanse and FlashMud review

While GlamGlow products are a bit expensive for my taste, I do enjoy most of them. I’ve tried the white/black/blue masks and their corresponding cleanser (I’ve given up trying to remember the names, reviews for all of them in Skincare Glossary). However, my skin had a reaction to the green mask, so I was hesitant about trying the green cleanser…… but curiosity got better of me and I ended up getting a sample anyways. And since the new FlashMud came out, I grabbed that as well of course. My goal for the summer is to keep my skin clear, moisturized and without a tan, so hopefully they will help.


While all the cleansers came in tubes, the fun thing about the masks are that they come in different shaped boxes. A part of me can’t help but tsk at the waste with all the packaging, but I do appreciate the clearly written instructions and ingredients list.


GlamGlow FlashMud Brightening Treatment

NOTE: It contains some combination of acid, so it is partially a peel mask as well as physical exfoliator, which means follow the instruction extra carefully and do not overuse! You can use it 3 days in a row the first time, afterwhich only use it 2-3 times per week and make sure to use a high SPF daily to maintain the result.

20150614_151415 20150614_151453

My Take: It smells like orange candy/popcicle! It is a creamy mud with fine pumice granules, a bit like the black glamglow but more creamy. The pumice is exfoliating enough even if you rub the mask on gently. There is a mild warming, tingling sensation during/after application that faded after a few minutes. You are suppose to wait 20min before rinsing it off and while it rinses off easily, my face look a bit pink afterward. While it was a bit pink after and the next day, my skin did not feel irritated at all but very soft and smooth and hydrated but not oily. Most exfoliators focuses on the chemical or physical aspect but don’t do well in both, either the grains are too sparse/big in the peels or the chemical is too gentle in the scrubs. This did a good job with both (refine skin texture like a peel, and get rid of dry flakes like a scrub). I think it should be appropriate for all skin types, if you have sensitive skin then maybe try leaving it on for 10 minutes each time instead of 20 minutes and only use once a week to start with. I like it better than the ExfoliKates, and I feel like it’s a bit more effective than the Philosophy peels.

GlamGlow PowerCleanse Daily Duo Cleanser


My Take: I was tentative about the cleanser since the mask version irritated my acne, but I was curious since, unlike the other GlamGlow cleansers, this is a dual pump that pumps out oil and mud that you mix onto the skin. It smells fruity and a tad oily, but it’s a very mild scent. As you rub both onto the skin, it turns into a creamy mud and feels like it’s hydrating my skin already. It wasn’t difficult to rinse off and the skin did feel hydrated. However, there was a very very mild sense of irritation on my cheeks, just a little itchy. If you love the mask then do give this a try. If you had irritation or bad reaction from the mud, this one is definitely less irritating. As for the makeup removing claim, yeah, this is a cleanser, not a makeup remover. I tested it on my Marc Jacob highliners, usually real makeup removers are able to remove most of it in 10-30 seconds while most cleansers are able to remove most of it after at least 1 minute, this falls into the latter category.

While the cleanser is not for me, I do rather like FlashMud. It is less drying than PowerMud but the acid peel component helps to exfoliate deeper (thus the brightening effect). With great power comes great responsibility, and all that brightening will be for naught if you get lazy with SPF. You don’t need a lot and it is convinient, but I think I will save it for not-summer when it’s not so sunny and easier to preserve the result. Yes the prices are high, but if you love multiple GlamGlow products, subscribe to their email for BOGO and samples deals. Or if you are only interested in one or two, you can always wait for Sephora’s bi-annual 15% or 20% off sale to get them.


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