Sephora Brush Portfolio: Store or travel with your brushes like a pro!

While I do have a few favorite brushes that are inexpensive, most of my favorite brushes are more high-end like Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo and Wayne Goss. Since my taste in brushes got fancier, I’ve been looking into a good brush holder for storage and traveling. Most brush tubes or bags just squish everything together. Most brush holders only have slots for 6 or 7 brushes, or comes in form of brush rolls with no zipper so your brushes are still exposed to the dirt and stuff in the bag. I need one that can hold dozens of brushes and keep them organized and protected. While I don’t really care for makeup from Sephora Collection (the skincare are ok), I do enjoy the quality of their tools (brushes and traincase). This brush portfolio seems to be what I was looking for, so I decided to grab it.


I did take a quick Instagram video hoping to illustrate it better (follow me @ChicDabbler for pretty makeup pictures and pretty random whimsical stuff!). I’ve been using it for a month and it has lived up to my expectation. I like it better than any other brush bag, holder, tube, container that I’ve seen so far. Read on for more pictures and detailed reviews about how versatile it is and how much I like it in case you can’t tell.


There is a slight difference in size between the slots, but the bigger ones are able to hold most face/powder brushes with no problem. There are 6 slots sewn onto the left side of the portfolio with a flap on top to keep the bristle clean and separated. The Portfolio is tall enough I had no problem fitting in my extra long brushes. The Live Beauty powder brush was not all the way into the slot on the bottom, thus looking like it doesn’t fit but it does.


I didn’t care for the claim that it holds 32 brushes. The left side of the Portfolio holds 6 brushes with a flap on top to cover the bristle, the middle panel holds 5 on each side for a total of 16 brush slots. If you’ve got more brushes then you can either squeeze multiple thin-handled brushes (like lip or eye brushes) into one slot or put the thicker ones in the mesh bag on the right side of the Portfolio. At first I wish the middle panel would also have flaps on top to protect the bristle, but I understand why it didn’t. The middle panel is detachable, so you can actually take it out and it works as a brush stand for easy access when you are applying makeup.BrushPortfolio4BrushPortfolio5

Aside from the 6 brush slots on the left side, everything else (middle panel and the bag) is detachable and attached to the Portfolio via velcro. The mesh allows you to see the products in the bag clearly, and you can put makeup or brush accessories (brush guard, cleaner etc) in there as well. All the material for the Portfolio feels very sturdy, the outside/inside/zipper/bag/velcro, and it is not heavy.



  • Can hold at least 16 brushes individually, and many more in the bag.
  • Middle panel detaches, can be used as a brush stand or left out if the bag is too full.
  • The detachable bag can hold anything, is sturdy and allows you to see the content.
  • Zipper keeps dirt out no matter where you keep it.
  • Stiff outer shell protect the content from being crushed.

The only con I can think of is that it may be a bit too big depending on how much stuff you have? When I’m at home, I like to use it to store all my clean brushes, with wide handled or kabuki brushes in the bag. I also like to use it for long-term travel or when I want to take a lot of makeup with me. I usually put brushes in the slots, makeup in the bag, and eyeliners or lipliners in any empty slots that remain. Considering the price of some of my brushes (I still can’t believe I paid $170 for my Chikuhodo MK2…) it is a worthy investment to keep everything organized and protected. If you are looking for a good makeup travel kit that can hold more than 6 brushes, I would definitely recommend it as well.


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