Sheet Masks/Ingredient Highlight: Collagen!

Everybody loves collagen! It is mentioned in food, in skincare and especially in anti-aging skincare. Collagen is a major protein in connective tissues and the most abundant protein in mammals. It holds everything together by giving strength to various structures of the body and keeps the bad substances/environmental toxins out. It is one of the major component of hair and nails. When we age, collage production gradually slows and the cell structures weaken, so the skin/hair gets thinner and becomes more damage prone. The skin sags and gets wrinkly, and your joints become less elastic/stiffer.

The skin consists of three layers: the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. Basically collagen is what gives your skin the firmness, the suppleness and keeps you looking young. Now that we know collagen is awesome, here’s the bad news that some of you might already suspect — topical application of collagen doesn’t work. You can’t make up for slow collagen production of your skin by “refilling” it with collagen skincare products, the molecules are too large to sink in (read more here and here). There is also no study that supports the claim of collagen consumed orally having any effect on the skin (that I can find, if you find any legit articles to the contrary, I would be interested to know).

So how do you get those collagens then? You don’t want collagen (topically or orally), but you want to encourage the production of collagen by your skin. In skincare products, look for ingredient such as retinol. In terms of food, eat a healthy diet high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and omega-3. Lastly, stay out of the sun, reduce sugar consumption, don’t smoke, sleep plenty and exercise. While there are collagen injections and laser stimulations that does work, those are temporary and costly so I won’t be talking about them here.

Skin type: Everybody needs collagen. HOWEVER, you want skincare ingredients/products that encourage the production of collagen (retinol and vitamin C) instead of applying collagen topically (which won’t do anything) or orally.
Purpose: Aside from brightening dark spots or healing acne scars, it is also responsible for everything else — hydration, firmness, and keeping you wrinkle free. See paragraph above on how best to get it. The two sheet masks I’m reviewing claim to make your skin more firm/plump, elastic and moisturized.

My Beauty Diary Collagen Firming Mask

My take: The mask is a thin but sturdy sheet of cloth folded with a piece of plastic on one side to make it easier to unfold. It adheres to the skin well and is of average size compare to the other sheet masks. The essence is more of a serum consistency and has a light floral scent. The sheet feels nice on the skin and my skin feels moisturized and calm after taking it off. While the essence was not super lightweight, it was not stuffy or sticky either and sinks in quickly. There wasn’t a lot left in the packet, enough to rub on your face and neck once after taking the mask off and that was it. I do also like the ingredients of the mask, which includes aloe vera extract and didn’t have too many filler ingredients.

Privia Miracle Daily Mask Pack, Collagen

Disclaimer: This mask is provided for review by EssentielleBeauty. Whether a product is provided for free or bought have no influence on my opinion of the product. It is the last of the box of things provided for review in fact. Thanks to EssentielleBeauty for all the fun things to try and for letting me organize the reviews my way and taking such a long time. =)

My take: The eye holes of the mask were a tad small so I tore the side a little. The sheet was pretty easy to tear but it wasn’t filmsy. The sheet feels like it is made of smooth and sturdy paper. The essence have the consistency of a serum and a mild floral scent. After taking the mask off, my skin feel soft, plump and moisturized. My skin did feel a little stuffy and sticky for awhile after the mask is off, but the feeling went away and the essence sank in completely after an hour or so. I would recommend it mostly for dry skin. If your skin is not that dry, save the essence for next day and skip the moisturizers. Aside from collagen, the mask did contain rose water and aloe vera juice, so the ingredients are very nice.

Conclusion: Neither reduced redness or soothe acne or anything else, so they are really basic hydration masks. If you want basic hydrating sheet masks that won’t irritate and have nice ingredients, these are great at ~$2 each. But if you are hoping to get more out of your sheet masks, then look elsewhere. From the two I prefer My Beauty Diary a bit more. By now you probably realized I prefer masks with a more lightweight essence that sinks in quickly instead of heavier ones since I have combination skin. I also like the fact that My Beauty Diary have aloe vera juice and collagen higher on the list while Privia have dimethicone pretty high on the ingredients list. Dimethicone is more for making the skin feel smooth and doesn’t have much skincare benefit, so I generally don’t care for it except in primers.


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