YG Entertainment and makeup? Moonshot Powder Mousse and Jelly Pot Review.

Because this is a beauty blog, I try to keep my gushing about other things to a minimum, like my love for Kpop. Most of my favorite kpop artists and the ones you might be familiar with (2NE1, PSY, and Big Bang) are from YG Entertainment. While YG Entertainment is undeniably awesome at producing good artists and music, they also house some of the most fashionable Korean celebrities like G-Dragon and CL.

A natural extension from that would of course be….. makeup? the idea for the brand seems to be Korea’s equivalent of MAC, called Moonshot. I have to say I have my doubt about an entertainment agency dabbling in makeup. There were plenty of promotional articles on the brand but virtually no pictures of swatches of any Moonshot products anywhere, after some digging this is the only swatch of the products I found aside from Lisa Eldridge’s video. But I trust Lisa Eldridge, so I grabbed the two products she favorably mentioned.


Moonshot recently launched English version of their website and ships internationally, but I just can’t bring myself to pay $20+ shipping from their website. Coincidentally, I was recently contacted by Rose, co-founder of ParcelPuppy, to test out and do a post on their personal shopper service with a discount on the service. Well then, I figure it would be a good time to get myself some Moonshot to play with.  I got Powder Mousse 102 Pink Pashmina, and Jelly Pot 201 Stone Pillow. Because ParcelPuppy assigns a shopper to you that you can communicate with, I was able to ask her to get me some samples if the store allows it. She was able to get me a illuminator/primer sample and a cleansing oil sample (yay!) along with my purchase. I will review the primer here as well since it’s makeup.


Moonshot Powder Mousse, 102 Pink Pashmina

Packaging: The jar is plastic, matte black on top and clear on the bottom. It comes in a pretty little cardboard box with a description, I assume, in Korean and a little blurb in English. The website have a much better description and ingredients list in English.

Texture: The powder is finely milled so it feels soft and weightless on the skin, but other than that it’s just a normal baked/pressed powder. It is well backed so it takes a few swipes to get a good amount of product, but it also means there’s less fallout or dust/loose powder when you use it. As long as you use a stiffer brush it is not a problem.

Color/Wear etc: The color itself is a light, slightly cool nude pink. It is really just a soft, matte powder. If you are a big fan of Urban Decay or Kat Von D, you will be disappointed at the pigmentation. A lot of Asian cosmetics likes to go for a natural look, so the pigmentation/intensity is sheer to medium (the color is buildable). It gives a nice, slightly matte wash of soft color to the eyelid or cheek, but I would not recommend it for the lips unless you want a matte look and don’t mind it drying out your lips a bit. It has normal lasting power of a mid-end product. If you want better pigmentation or for it to last longer, you need to use a primer.

Moonshot Jelly Pot, 201 Stone Pillow

Packaging: The jar is made of plastic, clear on the bottom and black matte on top. It is sealed on top with a white plastic paper and comes with a clear plastic cover for inside the lid, extra protection after you open the seal I guess. The cardboard box it came in didn’t tell you much, but the website have a better description and ingredients list. Moonshot5Moonshot7

Texture: And it makes sense to seal it, since it does have that gel/jelly texture. The consistency is thinner than other cream shadows I’ve tried so far. It feels like a gel moisturizer base. When applied, it have that cool watery feeling. It sets pretty fast on the skin as the water evaporate, and it doesn’t move/bulge after it sets, so don’t wait and blend immediately after applying. Once applied it feels very lightweight on the skin.

Color/Wear etc: The color is this beautiful warm, pinky, light bronze sheen.  Aside from picture swatches here, I tried to capture the shine with a short video on Instagram. It has medium pigmentation but can be made sheerer. Since it’s water/jelly based, you can apply it and wait for it to set/evaporate a bit before blending for a more pigmented/dramatic look on the eyes. Or you can apply a tiny bit and blend immediately for a sheer glow with just a hint of color on the eyes or cheeks. Because it sets rather quickly and doesn’t smudge afterwards, it is better to apply a tiny bit, blend and apply again if needed rather than over applying and trying to wipe some off. Because the pigmentation is sheer to medium and the shimmer is very fine, it works as a natural looking luminizer as well as eyeshadow. I tried it on the cheeks over foundation and on bare skin, it works great both ways. It doesn’t work as well on the lips, however, since it definitely dried my lips out after 10 minutes. Unlike a plain powder shadow, it is long lasting and doesn’t smudge. But! Just like a powder shadow, it wipes off completely with water! I don’t know how they did that, but I’m liking it.

Moonshot Skin Illuminator SPF50+

Packaging: The sample I have is a tube with a dropper opening. The actual product is in a dropper bottle. There was no description or packaging on my sample, but you can find the description and ingredient list on their website.

Texture: Make sure to shake it before apply! It have a lightweight lotion consistency. It spreads nicely and dries down to a slightly tacky finish, which makes it a decent primer but if you are applying on top of makeup, you might want to set with a powder.

Color/Wear etc: It does have a slightly white pinkish tint, but after trying a few other SPF50 skincare products, I’m convinced the whitish tint is due to the SPF and nothing else really. It have a satin finish, so it is illuminating in that it gives you a slight white/pink tint, not illuminating as in glowy. It does work as a primer and help makeup last a bit longer, but everything you applied on top of it will look a hint lighter and pinker than on bare skin. I applied Jelly Pot 201 Stone Pillow over primer on the right side and you can see it is just a hint pinker and lighter. I wouldn’t recommend it as a illuminator, but if your complexion is a bit dark/sallow and want a basic primer that makes your skin look a hint brighter and pinker, this is worth a try.


Both Powder Mousse and Jelly Pot have good staying power. When I smudged with my finger and tissue, the color and shine were toned down but the pigment didn’t smear/smudge all over the whole area.

The powder mousse feels like a normal soft powder. The primer does prime and illuminate by giving your skin a slightly white/pink tint, not unnaturally so but you want makeup on top. They are definitely nice products for the price, feel free to pick up if you are in Korean, but if you are in US, there are comparable products and it is not worth the hassle. However, I do like the Jelly Pot very much, it’s worth it even with shipping and I plans on getting more! It works as eyeshadow and luminizer/blush, even if you shouldn’t use it on the lips. It sets rather quickly but doesn’t smudge/bulge after it sets, but it wipes off completely with pure water. So if you want a beautiful smudgeproof eye color or luminizer that lasts well and doesn’t smudge, but can be easily taken off with water, then this is great. If you want it to be waterproof, try a primer underneath. The only thing to be aware of is that, since it’s water based, it does evaporate so do use it up within 6 month. Make sure to close the lid tightly and don’t open the seal until you are planning to use it. My shopper also included these look cards from the store. You can find it and some swatches of other products on Moonshot’s Instagram.


You can order Moonshot products from their international website. Limited stocks are also available here, here and here. I have not ordered from those sites before so I don’t know how legit they are. The Moonshot brand website is of course legit, plus $23 for shipping/handling or free shipping if you order $200+. If you know exactly what you want and plan to buy a lot then it’s worth it. If you don’t mind slower shipping and want a second opinion on colors and possibly help you to get some samples, then try ParcelPuppy. It’s $10 shopper fee + $10ish shipping (slowest depending on size of item, or $20ish for 3 day shipping) on top of item price, but you get a personal shopper with whom you can ask questions and possibly help you to get samples of products you are interested in (and from other brands as well if they have shops in Seoul). * Whatever method you chose, if you can get your hands on some Moonshot, I would definitely recommend the Jelly Pots at least! =D

*UPDATE [Nov 7, 2015]: I’ve been getting several emails from friends/readers about recent problems in ParcelPuppy service. They tried it based on my recommendation before and it worked fine, but there seems to be a problem recently where they were not responsive even after weeks of inquiry regarding request and orders. I have emailed them regarding this problem since I’ve been recommending them, but did not get a reply. Until further notice, I would recommend ordering Moonshot from elsewhere instead.


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