Med-end brush haul: IT Cosmetics

While picking up some of my Real Technique stables and the Bold Metal brush last year, I also decided to try IT Cosmetics, which is another inexpensive brand that I’ve heard good things about. I didn’t get around to posting about it until now and it looks like the Heavenly Luxe Brush Collection with Travel Case set is sold out, but Ulta’s Your Superheroes set looks almost identical except for the case color/opening so if you like what you see here, try that set. I brought it so I can try different types of brushes from the same brand, and the big powder brush from Live Beauty because it looks so fluffy and soft.


The Heavenly Luxe line seems to be part of the normal IT line, but Live Beauty is special. It is only for Ulta and according to the website description, “For every Live Beauty Fully brush you purchase, IT Cosmetics will donate one brush to the Look Good, Feel Better program to help women face the effects of cancer treatments with confidence. Through this purchase, you are giving the gift of joy and beauty to another woman, and to yourself, and that is a beautiful thing! Together we are making the world more beautiful, one brush at a time. Now that’s Living Beauty Fully.”

Heavenly Luxe Brush Collection with Travel Case

Once you take off the silver ribbon and open the shiny box, you are greeted with 6 brushes and a black travel case. The travel case is made of padded soft leather-esque material on the outside and polyester fabric on the inside. It has a velcro closure and when flipped open, there are two flaps to keep the brushes from the two sides separated. You can also fold it upright to use as a brush stand.


There are 6 brushes: powder brush, eyeshadow crease/blending brush, big eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, concealer brush and slanted eyeliner brush with a spoolie on the other end. The foundation brush lost a hair when I washed it, otherwise everything was intact and stayed soft. The bristles are synthetic, the ferrule and handle are plastic with a small rhinestone at bottom of the brushes. The handle is not heavy, but have a nice weight to it for easy control.ITcosmeticBrushes1

The IT cosmetic brushes remind me of Sephora Pro brushes. A sharpie and a Sephora Pro concealer brush (2nd to the left with silver handle, now revamped with black handle) are provided for size comparisons. In terms of softness, they feel the same to my untrained fingertips/face. However, the set and individual brush I got from IT Cosmetics are both not as dense or plush as Sephora Pro brushes. It’s good for light application of powder I suppose, but the hair is a bit too sparse for my taste. I don’t know if individual brushes have better quality or is thicker or not. The Live Beauty powder brush, however, is much more to my liking.

Live Beauty Complexion Powder Brush #225


The brush came with a plastic cover over the bristle, which I think is nice to keep it in shape and makes it more travel friendly. The bristle/head is bigger than I expected, but also softer than I expected. There was no hair shed or softness lost even after multiple washing. The handle looks metallic but is actually plastic as far as I can tell.ITcosmeticBrushes5 The shape and softness reminded me of bunny tails and I couldn’t wait to use it all over my face! With the size, I suppose it’s a good thing to be slightly pointed so it’s not like you just face planted into your brush. It works great as all-over face powder brush, with setting powder or finishing powder. I suppose you can use it with bronzer as well, but it’s too big for specific application like blush or contouring.


Altho my favorite synthetic powder brush is Alexis Bittar, the Live Beauty brush is less expensive and every bit worth the price (and it’s for a good cause!). While neither can rival the softness of my Chikuhodo MK2 squirrel hair brushes, synthetic brushes are sturdier and firmer (if you want a happy medium, go for goat hair brushes) so I don’t have to worry about being too heavy handed with them. All three powder brushes I mentioned are worth their price point and do the job, so I would recommend all of them depending on your budget and need.


2 thoughts on “Med-end brush haul: IT Cosmetics

  1. Thanks for a great in depth review of the IT brushes- I’ve been curious about their sets- the single brushes I have are very nice, I think comparable to MAC brushes.

    1. You are welcome! This post was on the backburner since forever! I haven’t tried MAC yet since everyone says Hakuhodo is better and I already got some Hakuhodo. I do consider that to be more on the high-end side.

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