Sheet Masks/Ingredient Highlight: Snail Slime?!?!

Some of the readers who keep up with the trend in skincare probably already know that snail slime or snail extract is the “it” ingredient right now. Before you say EEEEEWWWWW GROSS! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! and run away, consider this — where did honey come from? And just a heads up, meat is cooked dead animals, and a popular red coloring in cosmetic actually comes from crushed bugs. The skincare products only uses snail extracts, snail mucin or snail mucus. I do not know how humane the practices are, I hope it’s like collecting honey from bees, but I do know you do not need to kill snails to collect this ingredient. Now that I’ve destroyed your hopes and dreams addressed the gag reflex, let’s get to the main point — why would you want snail slime in your skincare?


Snail extract in skincare is actually nothing new in Asia, just like how honey is nothing new in US. Snail extract contains elastin, glycolic acid, collagen, antibiotics and proteins. It helps regenerate the skin, which means it have healing properties, helps with acne scar/brightening and there is a study showing it have anti-aging properties as well. There are claims that it’s also anti-inflamatory, but there seems to be no studies supporting this currently. At the very least, it is as worth a try as any other ingredient (honey, collagen, olive etc).

Skin type: Any? It can be incorporated into any products, from primers to moisturizers to cleansers to blemish balm, so whether or not it’s appropriate for your skin depends on the rest of the ingredients and the type of product.
Purpose: It soothes, regenerates and heals the skin. It helps with dryness, roughness and elasticity of the skin. It also have anti-aging and brightening properties.

This is actually my first experience with snail slime and the products to be reviewed are sheet masks from A’PIEU, Privia and Missha. They haven’t achieved mainstream international popularity like Etude House or AmorePacific yet, so some have fun Engrish and I can’t find English ingredients list for others. =/

A’PIEU Snail Revital Sheet Mask

I feel like the name should’ve said “revitalizing,” but I also don’t know what does a SUPER CUTE BUNNY have to do with a snail mask, but there is a happy little snail so….. Asia logic. I admit, I bought it more due to the cute bunny than the fact that it is a snail mask.

My take: The sheet is thin but sturdy, which is nice since it was a little difficult to open due to the serum. The serum have a very mild earthy scent and is a tad slimey when I rubbed it onto my hand, but it sinks in pretty fast leaving no sticky, slimey or greasy residue. The sheet is a tad larger than most of the sheet mask I tried altho the eye/mouth hole are on the normal/small side. My skin was not brighter but it did feel smooth and calm and hydrated after taking the sheet mask off. There isn’t an excessive amount of liquid leftover in the packet, just enough to rub over the face/neck/hand once. My face feel moisturized after taking the mask off, but a bit slimey/sticky after I rubbed on the leftover serum, so if you have combo/oily skin I would recommend save the serum for next day.

Privia Snail Brightening Miracle Daily Mask Pack

This mask is provided for review by EssentielleBeauty. Disclaimer: Whether a product is provided by others or bought by me have no influence on my opinion of the product. At first I was confused, “why does a Korean brand company says New York under their brand??” so I check out the brand website: “PRIVIA expresses healthy confidence based on the New York feel. You can experience the unadulterated original style of New Yorkers which emphasizes on urban and refined French and chic feel.” I don’t know how does New York/French style translate to skincare, but they focus on natural, safe and healthy ingredients instead of synthetic chemicals, which I like.

My take: The sheet is a folded thin but sturdy piece of cotton and sticks to the face well. I half thought it was going to smell like snails or reminds me of snails, but it actually have a mild floral scent ….. which was revealed to be rose and camellia when I glanced at the ingredients list. The essence is more of a light serum consistency and sinks in well. There was no sensation with the mask on. After I took the mask off, my skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated. After I rubbed in all the leftover essence, my skin started to feel a bit greasy so unless you have dry skin, I would recommend saving the essence to use next day. It is appropriate for sensitive skin also, and those of you who want to try a snail mask but don’t want to be reminded of snails since it’s not earthy or slimey at all.

Missha 3D Sheet Mask, Snail

This was a last minute addition. I got it from a friend after I already took pictures and wrote most of the post so the picture is separate from the rest. Missha is a pretty good brand, altho mostly known in US for their BB cream and their essence which is suppose to be a dupe for SK-II essence. I was curious what does 3D mask means, but it became apparent after I opened the packet…..

My take: While most sheet mask are one sheet of cloth with holes and cuts on the side (2D), this appears to be two sheet joined in the middle (3D). I have a rather flat face, so this is a little too 3D for me. If you have a taller nose/brow bone area then this would fit better. It is a thin sheet, a bit stiff so it’s not hard to unfold, but it can tear if you use a bit of force. The liquid have a mild perfume scent. I do like how it is very liquidy and light. There is a lot of liquid left in the packet, enough for your face, neck, deco…err, whatever the collarbone area is called and arms/hands. My face feel calm and hydrated after taking the mask off.

Conclusion: Ok I will be completely honest, even after that grandiose intro about snail extract, the slightly slimey serum and earthy scent of A’pieu still caught me off guard and made me feel a bit wimpy. Due to lack of ingredients list, I don’t know which one have more snail extract or beneficial ingredients. Interestingly, the liquid for the three masks have very different consistency. A’pieu is a slightly slimey serum while Privia is a lightweight, liquidy serum and Missha is toner/watery. I would recommend A’pieu for dry skin, Privia for combo and Missha for combo/oily skin. I mean, you really can use any of these masks for any skin types. If you have dry skin and used Missha, just apply moisturizer afterward or if you used A’pieu and have oily/combo skin then skip moisturizer and save the leftover liquid for next day. The sheet for Missha protrudes more, which doesn’t adhere to my flat face very well and A’pieu is a bit too rich for me right now, so I prefer Privia. They used natural ingredients and doesn’t feel super snail-y.


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