Swatchfest: Pretty eye/face makeup for Spring

Spring is a great time to revamp your makeup as well as skincare, and a lot of stores have promotions and events to encourge you to do that. Sephora had an event for VIB Rouge today so I decided to drop by to check out some stuff. There is a spread of breakfast pastries and drinks in the store, this year it’s some granola bars, tiny pastries from Costco and Dunkin Donut coffee. They also have a few brand reps in the store to help you with any questions and sometimes there are brand specific GWP in addition to the 15% off everything that Sephora offers. It’s great that the brand reps are there because the store is crowded and sometimes it might be difficult to get a Sephora sales associate to help you.


Everything I want to buy was sold out, BUT most of the things I want to swatch are there so it’s all good. I love a good intense black eyeliner, but it’s kind of overkill for summer when I’m in the mood for something lighter. Since I liked the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee I have, I decided to check out the Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow. The bottles of liquid were separated with intense pigment on the bottom half and a transparent liquid on top (I assume glycerin and coconut water but there wasn’t much of a scent). You are suppose to shake it then apply.


They are liquidy but the colors are pigmented with a nice metallic-ish sheen and blends well. I love the Rio de Rose Gold, which is much prettier rose gold than the swatches, and Rain Forest green would look AMAZING smudged over black eyeliner for a smokey eye in the evening! The texture and finish reminded me of another similar liquid eye color I want to check out, Giorgio Armani Eye Tint.


My swatch did look different than a lot of other swatches online since this is not under sunlight or flash so you get the color of the base rather than the shimmer. I thought I got all of them, but only after I came back from the trip did I realize I swatched 9 twice and did not swatch 6. Bummer, but I was mostly interested in 12 and 4 so that’s ok. In addition to eyes I was also hoping to check out the new Clinique Poppy cheek blushes and Hourglass bronzers, but they had neither. They did have the Hourglass blushes, which are just as soft and beautiful as the Hourglass powder. There is no glitter or shimmer, just a soft wash of color on the skin. Depending on the swirl/mixture/veins in the palette, the color you get may or may not be lighter than the swatches.


And speaking of face product, of course I have to check out Marc Jacob Light Filtering Contour Powder since I’m a Marc Jacob fan. I do like the fact they have 3 options. 20 is for light pink/cool tones, 40 is for light warm tones, and 60 is for darker skintones. They don’t feel as powdery as Hourglass but a little silicone ish.20150412_105625

I also saw the new MUFE contouring palettes, but I have a 5 second memory and I already forgot about it by the time I turned my head……. what was I talking about again? oh yes, the Sephora event. After swatching everything and asking for samples of everything, I feel bad not buying anything eventho the stuff I want are sold out, so I grabbed two sheet masks (if you are surprised raise your hand!…. no one? ok) and got the bag that came with any VIB Rouge purchase:


The samples in the bag and refreshment provided varies from store to store. That Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow in Rio de Rose Gold, Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in 12 and 4 are definitely on my wishlist. I would’ve bought them in a heartbeat if I wasn’t saving up for The Makeup Show in NYC (never attended something like it before, but I don’t think I’d be able to keep my wallet closed once I’m inside).


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