Sheet Masks/Ingredient Highlight: Avocado

Avocado is an essential ingredient in guacamole, and excellent sliced in sandwiches or with chicken tortilla soup. But I digress and now really want Mexican food. My first experience with avocado in skincare was when I did a DIY for Lush Ocean Salt scrub, which became the most popular post on this blog everyday since it was posted. That was unexpected, I did not know there is such a thirst for DIY Lush skincare online. However, avocado is rather expensive and spoils easily, so I’d much rather buy products with it as an ingredient rather than DIY with it myself.


But why would you want avocado in skincare? It is rich in fatty acid, antioxidants like vitamins (A, B, C, E and K) and minerals such as copper, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. There is about a bazillion DIYs of face or hair mask using fresh avocado and I’m also starting to see avocado oil in grocery stores.

Skin Type: normal/combination, sensitive and dry skin

Purpose: It is moisturizing and anti-aging due to all the vitamins it contain. It is also great at soothing and calming irritated, itchy or sunburned skin. Aside from the skin, it also help strengthen brittle nails and hairs.

Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Avocado

SheetMaskAvocado2My take: The sheet mask is made of a soft, thin but sturdy cloth. It is a tad long but otherwise the average size for sheet masks. The essence is white and of a serum consistency with a mild creamy floral scent. It sinks in well and doesn’t feel greasy. There isn’t a lot of serum leftover compare to other masks, just enough to rub into the face/neck after taking off the mask, but not enough to use for the next two days. Face felt clean, not greasy or stuffy even after rubbing all the serum in. It also helped to tone down the redness on my face, at least soothed the painful pimple I have.

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Avocado

SheetMaskAvocado1My take: The mask is made of a thin and sturdy sheet but bigger than average sheet mask. It extend beyond my hairline/jawline a bit and I cannot fit it onto my face properly due to the cut. The serum have a creamy sweet scent. There is quite a bit of serum and it sinks in well but its greasy/slightly sticky after you rub on the leftovers. The greasiness does go away after a few hours. It hydrates well and the skin stay hydrated for a few days after.

I have combination skin and don’t like things that feel greasy, so I like Nature Republic mask a bit better. Besides, Nature Republic seems to help tone down the redness on my face (albeit temporarily) while The Face Shop did not help with the redness. However! The Face Shop have avocado higher in the ingredients list and a larger sheet. If you like a larger sheet, or have very dry skin, then The Face Shop may be a better choice.


6 thoughts on “Sheet Masks/Ingredient Highlight: Avocado

    1. Hope it helps! A lot of things can cause redness (hot weather, spicy food, irritation etc) so I’m still exploring. Someday, my face will be same (ish) color as my neck instead of pink….. some day…..

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