Sheet Masks/Ingredient Highlight: Olive

Olive! The salty sour green ball you associate with margarita, or the black circle you associate with vegetable pizza, or an ingredient in skincare that hydrates your skin. Guess which association we are talking about today?

I think most people have seen or heard of olive oil for skincare. It’s great for dry skin on the body, dry nails, can work as decent makeup remover in a pinch, helps with dry hair as a mask (make sure to rinse/shampoo out throughly!) and some use it as facial moisturizer. However, olive oil is pretty heavy, so I would not recommend pure olive oil as face moisturizer since it can clog pores and won’t get absorbed easily. Thus, it can cause acne and won’t provide deep hydration. If you are using the kind for cooking, beware of sanitary risks. It’s exposed to all kind of grease, dirt and seasoning in your kitchen and most skincare have an expiration date of 12 month since opening…… what about that olive oil you used?


While you may not want to use pure olive oil, olive oil or extracts are great in skincare products. It is rich in vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin K. It contains oleic acid (omega 9 monounsaturated fatty acid), and squalene that is also found in the oil (sebum) our skin naturally produces, helping to lubricate and waterproof it. Olive oil also contains hydroxytyrosol, which is thought to be one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world.

Skin Type: dry to normal skin (if olive extract or oil is used as part of a product). For pure olive oil, very very dry skin that doesn’t get clogged pores or need deep hydration.

Purpose: It is anti-inflamatory, anti-aging, protect the skin from environmental damage and is very moisturizing due to the variety of vitamins it contains.

As for the sheet masks, I’ve got two sheet masks with olive as the star ingredients: The Face Shop and Etude House. Click/enlarge image to see ingredients/description.

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask, Olive


My take: It have a fresh clean green scent. The sheet is thin with lots of cut around the edges for better fitting. The essence is on the thicker side but not greasy and sinks in easily. Eventho it’s olive, it’s not greasy or heavy at all. The skinis hydrated and calm but does not feel stuffy after taking the mask off.

Etude House Alphabet Masks, OliveSheetMaskOlive2

My take: There is a mild pleasant scent, maybe floral? Don’t know, it’s hard to pin down. The sheet doesn’t fit quite well around the edges but still adheres to the face well. It’s not sticky or stuffy, perhaps because the serum is a very thin emulsion, a liquid. I thought olive would mean heavy and greasy, but they used Olive leaf extract instead of oil. The skin feels hydrated and calmed after the mask was off.

In both cases, the essence is thin so it sinks into the skin well without leaving any greasy or sticky residue. There’s enough serum to massage onto face/neck a few times even after using up the mask. The ingredients are pretty basic, except the last few, but for $2 it’s a great hydrating mask for all skin types (dry, normal, sensitive etc). The Face Shop contains alcohol and paraben, while Etude House hav silicone pretty high on the list. They both work great, but based on the ingredients I think I prefer Etude House a bit more.


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