Leibster Award tag, random facts about me thing

I’m never sure how to talk about myself but anyways. After a year of blogging, I feel like I can finally call myself a blogger, and it is a nice surprise to see myself nominated for Leibster Award again, this time by the wonderful blogger Raeraedaly. Last time I was nominated by A Beauty Obsession, and you can read about the questions/random facts about me here. But it’s been almost a year, these questions are different, and some things have changed, so if you’ve been enjoying me blabbing on about things, here’s more blabbing. =P

1.What are you really really good at?

Ha! I feel like I’m suppose to say something like drawing, which I do enjoy, but the first word that popped into my mind is “complaining.” I’m ok with a lot of things but love very few things since I’m very specific and picky. I always have to think about pros and cons and look at things from all angles all the time.

2.What is your favourite time of the year?

Autumn. The beautiful yellow/red/orange leaves, anything/everything made of pumpkins, all the fruits and ice cream without the scorching temperature of the summer, and a temperature where I can comfortably wear pants (no shaving!…tmi? *cough* moving on….) without bundling up too much. I even like the word “autumn” better than “winter”, “spring” or “summer”. It just sounds calmer and more comfortable.

3.Favorite high street store?

Hmmm, not sure. I used to be obsessed with Sephora, still like them, but customer service can be a hit or miss. Right now I’m leaning toward Nordstrom. Or if we are talking about fashion, then I’m more of a J. Crew and Kate Spade type.

4.Favorite beauty product of all time?

For makeup, it is currently my Alexis Bittar powder brush, Laduree Rose Petal Blush and Guerlain Meteorites. Altho the Tom Ford lipsticks and Dior Skinflash highlighter pen are also products I can’t live without.

For skincare, KGD cleansing water + shiseido cotton makes removing makeup feel so good it’s became something to look forward to instead of a hassle. There are lots of good masks, cleansers, serum and cleanser but when it comes to toner, Dior Gentle Toner with Velvet Peony is the most outstanding of them all. It provides weightless hydration, makes the skin feel fresh and INCREDIBLY SOFT.

5.Who inspires you? 

In terms of real people, my parents definitely. A bit predictable? well, the other two people that “inspired” me are Sherlock from BBC TV series and Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada…. and by “inspired” I meant more like made me aware of what I should/should not do and how to carry oneself.

6.What is your favourite movie?

Sherlock (BBC series), each episode is pretty much a movie. Pirate of Carribean (the first one). Devil Wears Prada (favorite fashion movie).

7.Your Favourite beauty brand?

I like to try everything equally, but ultimated I end up drawn to some brands more than other. Guerlain, good products and beautiful packaging? my heart is yours, as rave/blogged about here, here, here, here and here. With that said, Tom Ford has been slowly but steadily sneaking into my collection so it might change in the future.

8.Why did you start blogging?

Because I love to read/talk about skincare and pretty pictures of pretty makeup, so much so that it is overflowing. I originally decided to just rant on BeautyTalk (a beauty forum) but after a few years my account is at almost full capacity in image and I couldn’t even view my old posts anymore. And some people seem to be interested in what I’m saying, so blog it is. I still go there to chat sometimes, but I keep most of my rant and pictures here.

9. What is your favourite post that you’ve written? (please provide link)

There are some posts that are popular because the product is rare or it’s nice eye candy, but the ones I’m most proud of are the ones that I think would be the most useful and took a lot of effort. DIY eyeliner from eyeshadow is my favorite, and I still refer to my Highlighting Concealer Pen Swatchfest: Dior, YSL and Givenchy from time to time. It is not a post but I’ve reviewed so many products it’s difficult to keep track of things, so I really like my Skincare Review Glossary.

10.What makes you smile when you’re having a bad day?

Honestly, eliminate the source of my bad day, but when that won’t do, good food and good friends I can vent to.

11.What is your favourite ever lipstick shade?

I tend to lean toward pinky coral. I also like pink and red, orange is difficult but workable. Concealer-nude ish or brown lipsticks never!

And that’s all the questions! So, RULES AND NOMINATIONS!

There are 5 rules for this award and they are as follows:

  • Link back to the wonderful person that nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Nominate 11 blogs/bloggers who themselves have 200 or less followers.
  • Think up 11 different questions for the people you are nominating to answer.
  • Then you need to notify your nominees so that they know and can answer and join in!

My 11 questions are:

  1. How did you get into blogging?
  2. What is your top 3 favorite blog posts?
  3. What do you like most about blogging?
  4. If money is no object, what are your top 3 dream buys? can be skincare, makeup or fashion
  5. Where do you get your beauty/style inspiration from? can be books or people or anything
  6. If money is no object, where would you want to live?
  7. What pets do you have or want?
  8. What are the stable beauty items you cannot go without?
  9. What is your favorite way to cheer up?
  10. For dramatic makeup, lips or eyes?
  11. What is your future goal/dream for the blog? 1 million followers? free Guerlain for review? backstage access to fashion show?

I don’t have 11 new or <200 follower ish bloggers I follow. Most of them are my friends but some don’t blog anymore, so of the ones that do blog, I nominate:

To make it 11, here are some blog that are already popular that I love. In case you don’t know of them yet, they are worth checking out:

So that is that, hope it proved to be a somewhat interesting read. Until next time, keep yourself warm! Winter is almost over! >.<


2 thoughts on “Leibster Award tag, random facts about me thing

    1. Haha, you are welcome. =)
      Aside from all the nice videos, I love the fact you list all the products you used in detail in the description since something catches my eyes almost every other video.

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