My New Favorite: Lorac Unzipped Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay was crazy successful with their Naked eyeshadow palette series. I wasn’t too interested in them, because there’s too many eyeshadows I won’t use (I prefer warm colors and there’s also too many with glitters). Every other brands have been coming out with their own version of neutral palettes since then, and I was interested in the original Lorac Unzipped, but the palette was too pink/purple toned for my liking. Then Lorac came out with Unzipped Gold. It’s warm toned, it’s got a good balance of light and dark shade, it’s got matte and shimmer with no glitter, it came with a primer. It has to be mine.


The palette is $42 and available on,, and . There’s already a review up on Temptalia and Tarababyz, both of whom are great at very thorough review so there’s really not much to add, but it’s pretty so I’m swatching/reviewing it here anyways.

The palette is .39oz and contains 10 eyeshadows. It also came with a mini of Lorac Behind the Scene Eye Primer. The packaging is pretty cute, slim and made of sturdy cardboard.

But it’s the eyeshadows that we are more interested in, right?Β All the shadows are SO BUTTERY SOFT! And so easy to pick up. In case of Unpredictable, a bit too soft. You get quite a bit of loose powder in the pan even when lightly/gently dabbing the brush in. Undeniable is more of sheer/medium instead of medium/opaque color like others, and Unleashed have a much more metallic and shiny finish than the others. Other than that, there is zero complaint with any of the shadows.


For most palettes, the matte tend to be a little dry and the metallic/glitter tend to be gritty, but not this one. ALL the shadows are buttery soft, easy to pick up/apply/blend and gives good color payoff. LoracUnzippedGold5

I tried to show how shiny the shimmers are in different lighting. Those are swatches from lightly going over the surface with my finger twice, the color/intensity is great even without the primer. But it did came with a primer and holy cow it works! I tried it with unleashed, which is more like a golden copper with metallic finish. In the picture below, left is when I applied on the bare skin and right is over primer. Can you see how intense the color and shine is over primer?!?! I couldn’t get it like that on bare skin no matter how much I patted it on.LoracUnzippedGold8

The shimmery eyeshadows in this palette are a bit more intense/shiny than the ones from other palettes I have, but you can tone it down by applying lightly over a matte base like Undressed (or pack up the intensity and make it more shiny/metallic by patting it on top of a primer). Oh, also here’s the ingredients list:

It does remind me of my other favorite palette, Kat Von D True Romance in Saint, so I swatched both to see the difference. KVD is slightly cooler and slightly pinker while Unzipped Gold is warmer. Two of the shadows in KVD feel a bit dry when swatched while all of Lorac feels buttery soft.


If I HAVE to be picky about something, the Lorac is a bit too soft. It’s easy to pick up too much and I feel like the loose powder is a bit of a waste (ha, as if I’ll ever finish a palette). There’s a nice number of shimmer of various intensity and darker color, but I wish it would have one more light or light/medium matte. Otherwise it is definitely a quality and versatile palette with everything you ever want or need if you like warm neutrals. Definitely worth the buy if you love warm neutral colors.


3 thoughts on “My New Favorite: Lorac Unzipped Gold Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I got this palette too and really love it! Rose gold tones just look great with strawberry blonde (and now some greys) hair and I like the thinness of the palette, it tucks right into my travel makeup bag. The mattes are even a pretty color. I can see this being my go to palette for spring, great you reviewed it!

    1. I’m quite happy with it! For most palette there’s always that 1/3 of the shadow you don’t like or really use, but with this palette I like and can see myself using every single shade!

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