Speed Review, February

And another month has come and on. While I certainly wish I have more time to do all the work I’m suppose to do this month, I do not miss the weather. WHAT IN THE WORLD was that about?!?! Emptied out grocery stores and dirty slushie pond that used to be road, and mountains of snow taller than people. If there were any more snowstorm, there would be no place to shovel them. Just when I thought of that, the snowstorm ended, but then the temperature dropped even lower into the single digit. With 10+ mph wind, any fancy skincare I do at night is instantly negated in the morning, where my face hurt and I can’t even feel my nose by the time I’m indoor again.


But anyways, that’s not what this post is about. I used up a few samples I got from Sephora way back along with a few other random things, so here’s a quick review for the February empties… 

Fresh Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask – It have a fresh, cucumber scent. It is a water based, medium weight cream that sinks in nicely unlike most overnight masks. It is thinner than most of the other night masks I’ve tried , except for AmorePacific. However, you can’t overapply or layer, or else it flakes (on my peach fuzz), so I would only recommend it for combo/dry skin.

Fresh Peony Brightening Essence –  It have the same fresh cucumber scent as the overnight mask. Instead of essence, it’s more like a lightweight lotion gel texture. It leaves a bit of residue/slightly sticky feeling but didn’t feel stuffy or irritate and layers fine. In terms of brightening, it might need more time, but it feels nice and the pump container means less contamination so it’s not bad.

Clinique Clarifying lotion 2 – It have a minty fresh feeling and helps to control oil without being too harsh, I would recommend it for oily/combo skin, not recommended for sensitive or dry/combo skin. It is wonderful in the summer when you are feeling particularly greasy or stuffy. My skin has gotten drier and more sensitive so I need something gentler and more hydrating, but it was my stable toner for the past 5 years.

Murad Essential+C spf30 moisturizer – It have an artificial/sunscreen-y orange scent. It’s a lightweight lotion that spreads well and sinks in easily without making the skin feel greasy or look white. A nice lightweight moisturizer for oily/combo skin with high spf that I like using in the summer.

Bite Whipped Cherry Lip scrub – It smells like Cherry bubble gum candy! The scrub itself is half lightweight/whipped balm that turns slightly oil when rubbed onto the lips, and half tiny beads to help exfoliate. It is not as thick as Fresh Sugar scrub, but because the beads are tiny and sparse, it is also gentler. It does exfoliate, and I think I might like it a bit better than Fresh Sugar.

Perricone Blue Plasma – It is a blue liquid that you apply with your fingers. And it’s true, it smells like dead fish, as expected I suppose since one of the ingredients is salmon egg enzyme. It sinks into the skin pretty quickly with no residue and the scent does go away, but the thing is that it also didn’t do anything. It didn’t exfoliate or make my pores look cleaner, maybe it’s just too gentle for me. If every other peel is too harsh for you, maybe try this, but if you are used to acid peels, this might not do anything.

Origins Plantscription Anti-aging Eye Cream – Finally done with this! I got it ages ago as a promotion from Origins. It is a nice lightweight cream without a scent. It hydrates well and also works on my upper lid/lashline without irritation, so I think it should work for everyone except those with oily lid. I’m only in my 20s so I don’t know about anti-aging claim, but my smile line did not change/get worse in the past few years I’ve been using it so…. it works?

Algenist Firming & Lifting Cream – it is a firm gel cream with a faint chemical scent. It melt into the skin easily, hydrates well and works fine on irritated skin. I can’t test the firming and lifting claim, it’s a nice cream for combination skin, but it didn’t feel like anything special. If you love Algenist, it’s worth a try, but if not, there might be comparable products for better price.

My Beauty Diary Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Eye Mask – These masks are so cute! It have a very mild scent, the pads are thin enough to stick well but sturdy and soaked in liquid. What I like about the pad is that the little wing goes up so it almost reaches your temple, while other pads are shorter and wider so they kind of half cover your cheek. You can dab the leftover serum onto the eyelid no problem, and it left no residue, so I would say it’s appropriate for all skin types.

Shiseido Facial Cotton – I just finished my first pack! These cottons are super soft, plush, big and doesn’t get torn apart. You can use it to apply toner or remove makeup. Most of the time I peel the pad apart into two piece if I’ve only got eye makeup to remove or don’t need a lot of toner. It is expensive at $9.50 for 165 piece, I don’t mind using other cheaper cotton pads for toner, but eye area is sensitive and first to show signs of aging so this combined with KGD cleansing water is my preferred method of removing eye makeup.

Shiseido cotton is my stable so I will buy it as long as I use makeup, the others are nice….. I won’t buy but I will grab and use if they come as part of a promotion. So, what goodies did you use up this month?


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