Skincare Journal Feb: PTR Max Moisture Defense SPF30

I finished up a few of my stables this month. One of which is Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense® Lotion with SPF 30. That’s quite the mouthful isn’t it? It’s as if they did a word cloud of all the most generic words in skincare and put them all into one name. To make it even more confusing, there is another product from PTR called Max All Day Moisture Defense Cream with SPF 30. The names are similar, the packagings are similar, and even the claims are similar, so what’s the difference?


I refer to them as the PTR lotion with the green stripe, and PTR cream with all white packaging. The Green Stripe is my favorite every winter, and the All White is what I recently discovered and I’m curious to see if they are different. So I tested them both out instore and got a sample. The Green Stripe is called a sheer lotion while The All White is a cream, but how ironic that the lotion is thicker than the cream? The Green Stripe have a sunscreen scent, goes on creamy and white, so you have to make sure to rub it in well, but it does spread easily, hydrates and protect well. I have combination skin and it’s my musthave for the harsh winter. The All White have less of the sunscreen scent and feels/applies like a normal cream, no whiteness, and actually feels a tad lighter than The Green Stripe. That’s all I can tell from the sample of All White.

Since The Green Stripe (PTR Max Sheer Lotion SPF30) is my winter musthave for the past 3 winter, I might try The All White (PTR Max Cream SPF30) this summer after I use up some of my current light sunscreens. Have you tried either or both? thoughts?

Skin condition: So all those Shea Butter sheet masks might be too rich for my skin. It felt a little over-moisturized, you know, a little greasy, a little stuffy and a little itchy sometimes. Fortunately I didn’t get any breakout from it, and the Olive sheet masks are lighter and more appropriate for my combination skin. Between those and the reduced usage of peels, my skin is in relatively ok condition even with the harsh weather. The pores are a bit clogged but otherwise no breakouts or irritation or dry skin patches.

Products used: Aside from the shea butter and olive sheet masks, I also used Origins Charcoal mask a few times. I kept it simple since I was using Perricone Blue Plasma peel for the first few weeks then PTR Unwrinkle Peel Pads for the next few weeks.

  • Cleanser: Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing gel
  • Toner: Dior Gentle Toning Lotion with Velvet Peony Extract
  • Eye cream: Origins Plantscription cream
  • Serum: Perricone Blue Plasma or DDG Clinical Concentrate Hydration Booster
  • Night moisturizer: Algenist Firming & Lifting cream
  • Day moisturizer: Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer lotion SPF30

Other influences: There is absolutely NO way that I’m braving 2 feet of snow to go and exercise. There’s been a snowstorm every few days it seems, so I’ve been getting a little fat. And work has been picking up so I’ve been doing a few random things (blogilates or 30 day fitness challenge) once a week instead of running 3 times a week. Since I’m not exercising that much, I hope I can manage my diet better at least.


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