Eye Candy Spectacular: Guerlain Poudre de Soie

If I think all the holiday sets in the fall are bad for my wallet, the spring collections are just as bad. I like whimsical things, which you might have guessed from the flying makeups I photoshopped as my blog banner. I also like pinwheels and shiny things so……..this happened…..


…..and by this happened I meant that I learned my lesson with LEs after the YSL Palette Lumiere de Jour. As soon as I laid my eyes on Guerlain Poudre de Soie, I knew I want it, and just like all pretty things, I had a suspicion it’s a not-US exclusive so I texted my favorite SA who confirmed it. Then I immediately contacted germ1123 on eBay, who has now became my go-to person for Asian exclusive stuff, and got myself one of these. Maybe it will be released elsewhere later, but I couldn’t wait, so here it is.

On the Guerlain UK website, Poudre de Soie, or Illuminating Silk Shimmer Powder, is described as “inspired by the most beautiful Asian fabrics and the ancestral art of origami, Guerlain unveils its first “Silk Powder”. In an irridescent texture, a sculpted silk bow blends with the most precious sparkles. Its unique iridescent texture conveys the magic of a powder that illuminates your complexion to the full.


The packaging and opening mechanism reminds me of Guerlain Cruel Gardenia highlighter. I don’t own Cruel Gardenia but from what I saw/read online, Gardenia is pinker. The powder compact made of lightweight plastic, it is ~1in thick with a twist off lid. It is NOT travel friendly! I was told it’s as fragile as Cruel Gardenia, which I don’t have, but the twist thread of the lid is only one layer and feels a little rickety. It is pretty easy to open and I would really only recommend it for your vanity.

GuerlainSoie4The delicate and intricate design on the powder is beautiful. I can definitely see the Asian influence. They say it’s a bow, but I see an origami pinwheel. The scale pattern of the background is Japanese but also reminds me of the pattern on the side of the Meteorites Pearl jars, and the origami flower pattern on two tips of the pinwheel is a nice detail to make it extra special. The powder itself have no scent and is silky smooth, but the pattern is easily ruined. I only swatched one tip of the pinwheel with my finger and you can clearly see the not so pretty swatched area. It only gets worse with use, even with a brush. But the upside is, it works wonderfully as a luminizing powder!


When swatched with finger, it is quite shiny and provides more of a cool nude color with a slightly pinky sheen. Under the sunlight, the iridescent glow is more obvious. While the shine is intense when swatched with a finger, it look so natural when applied onto the face with a brush! The shimmer in the swatch is indistinguishable on your face, and it add more light or glow instead of any color or looking shiny. I wore matte foundation then applied this over it with a slanted blush brush a few times, it gave the skin a more natural finish with a slight glow but not so shiny (or golden or pink or shimmery) that people can tell you are wearing luminizers.

You can use it as allover powder with a fan brush if you want luminosity, or as highlighter with a blush brush (or finger for more shine). This is a good quality illuminating powder that gives you a natural glow. Whether it’s worth it will depends on how often you use and how picky you are with highlighters. At least for that price, you are getting a good illuminating powder in addition to the pretty packaging.


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