Sheet Masks/Ingredient highlight: Shea Butter

Shea butter is a common ingredient in hydrating skincare. It is an off-white solid oil extracted from nuts in Africa. Shea butter is often slightly gritty in it’s texture in pure form and a bit thicker than coconut oil. It sometimes goes by the name Butyrospermum parkii on ingredients lists. If you are concerned about the source, I know that Lush and L’occitane obtain their shea butter “in a sustainable and fair trade partnership with the women who produce it” and their products are pretty good, too.


Skin types: Dry to very dry skin, irritated or sensitive skin. Products with high content of shea butter may feel stuffy or clog pores for oily to combination skin.
Purpose: It is naturally rich in vitamin A and E. It have anti-inflammatory, emollient and humectant properties. It is soothing and nourishing to the skin.

Of the products focus on shea butter, I’ve tried the shea butter soap and ultra rich comforting cream from L’occitane. The soap lathers well and cleanse well without drying out the skin. The cream is very rich, scentless and feels like velvet on the skin. I would recommend both, but today we are focusing on the sheet masks! More specifically, Shea Butter sheet mask from Etude House, Nature Republic and Innisfree. Click on the image to enlarge for ingredients list.

Etude House Alphabetical Sheet Mask in Shea Butter


My take: It has a perfumed scent, like the floral powdery scent of old fashioned fancy cream. I do like the fact that the serum is not sticky or greasy like the other two, instead it feels more like a gel. The sheet for the mask is a tad on the small side. It is large enough to cover my face except for the edge of the jaw line, but most of the sheet masks I’ve tried overlaps with my hairline and goes beyond my chin a bit.

Nature Republic Real Nature Sheet Mask in Shea Butter


My take: It have no scent but felt soothing on the skin. The cloth is sturdy but soft and fit well on the face. The serum is a bit thick, some may find it a bit stuffy. It does work very well on dry and irritated skin. The skin felt moisturized, velvety and looks dewy after taking the mask off.

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Shea Butter


My take: It have no scent, and the cloth is soft and sturdy and adheres well to the face. The serum is a bit thick and feel a tad greasy. My face felt a little greasy for quite awhile afterward, so I decided to save the leftover serum for another day instead of rubbing them on after the mask, for fear of clogging pores and cause breakouts.

Conclusion: Well, funny thing is, after a glance at the ingredients list I realized the top 10 ingredients for Nature Republic and Innisfree are the same. I find the serum from Innisfree to be a tad thicker than Nature Republic, otherwise they are pretty much the same in cloth and ingredients used. If you absolutely hate greasy feeling then go for Etude House, but Nature Republic/Innisfree have better ingredients in my opinion (for the shea butter masks, other masks soon to come!)


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