My Precioussss! YSL Palette Lumiere de Jour

Images of spring collections usually comes out in the fall, and ever since I first saw it in November, I’ve been in love. White and gold is a timeless combination, and if you add a pretty ribbon and some sparkles? I need it in my life. Yes, I fell in love with the packaging and have to have it regardless of what’s in it.


But of course, per my usual luck, all the pieces of the YSL 2015 spring collection is available for purchase in US…..EXCEPT for Palette Lumiere de Jour. It’s like someone put a spread of beatiful and delicious food in front of you….then take away your favorite dish! Why?!?! It’s available EVERYWHERE else (at YSL UK,,,,,, and stores in Asia), but the US of A? naaah, why would they. But fortunately one of my fellow beauty loving friends was able to help me get it and shipped across the border. After 3 month of yearning for it, it is finally here, in all it’s glory.

UPDATE (3/25/2015): This palette is up for sale on YSL’s USA website so if you are in US and want it, get it now!


Oh but, I suppose we gotta talk about the actual product instead of just admiring it, don’t we? Well then, read on for swatches and more pretty pictures….. 

The luminizing powder wasn’t as expensive as luminizing powder from other high end brands, like Chanel or Guerlain. The container and the powder seems to be the same size as YSL Volupte blushes, altho this is .28oz while the blush is listed as .31oz on Sephora. It’s not that big of a difference, since when was the last time you used up a luminizer anyways?


The compact is plastic and comes with a thin soft pouch…. that have the opening on the long side. I never understood the purpose of those pouches, and I really think it’s better to apply using a real brush rather than the little thing included.

As for the powder itself, it feels velvety soft and easy to apply. It have a white pinkish powdery base with very fine perlescent sparkles/shimmer. The closest thing I have is Guerlain Parure de Nuit Powder (which is from ages ago but if you can’t find it instore, germ1123 have some and I had some happy purchases from her before).

YSLLumiere4Image above is a slightly more accurate representation of the colors (YSL on the left, Guerlain on the right). As you can see, Guerlain is more nude with a sheen/glowy finish while YSL is more white/pinkish with a slightly powdery and sparkly finish. YSL is probably fine as luminizer in the evening but you can definitely see the sparkles in sunlight. Instead, I think it would be prettiest as a light dust of sparkle over the eyes to give it a subtle oomph. =)

In terms of being a luminizer, I think Guerlain and Chanel I have are better, but those are also more expensive. And we already know that I bought it for the packaging (on that end, I have absolutely zero complaint, 100% satisfied). The palette is every bit as gorgeous as I imagined and I love it. But if you don’t care about the packaging and just want a highlighter, I think you can do better.



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