Eye Candy Spectacular! Chantecaille eyeshadow and tiger powder

Chantecaille is one of those brands that are always on the edge of my radar. It’s not designer like Gucci and Tom Ford, but the price point for their makeup and skincare is pretty expensive. With that said, the skincare does seem to be filled with high grade ingredients (I reviewed their clay mask, have a few other skincare products to try). The highlight of their brand, aside from the much raved foundation, are the limited edition collections embossed with endangered animals. Part of the proceed from those collections goes to charity and organizations to help the animals. I did swatches of last year’s collection (the wild horse and bees palette) on BeautyTalk. The horse is gone but they still have the bees and a few other animals up on their website. During the last holiday sale, I took the opportunity to get myself a butterfly and a tiger. Rawr!



Not that I need anymore pretty mattifying powders, but this claims to be mattifying AND hydrating (and have a shiny tiger embossed on the powder, how can you resist a shiny tiger???). The butterfly is as beautiful as I imagined also, let’s get on to the eye candy then!

Papillons Eye Shade


Description:Les Papillons is an elegant  hand-designed, artisan compact that uses innovative Italian technology to present four colors within the compact—two principal shades and two overlay detail shades. Sales benefit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation to help protect the fragile ecosystem of the Monarch Butterfly’s winter habitat.


Packaging: Ok, the shadow itself is gorgeous, but I am a bit disappointed that this single did not have a hole on the bottom for me to depot/take the pan out. Why would I do that? cuz the cover for the shadow is a translucent plastic with a weird rubbery tacky surface. It is already collecting dust/dirt and I can see it easily getting smudges and, well, being not very sanitary. That really is my only gripe, because the shadow wonderful! It is ~1.375in in diameter, large enough you can dab a fluffy eyeshadow brush on top to use the silver without disturbing the butterfly. Or use a smaller brush on the blue without the two mixing.chantecailleMakeup4

The eyeshadow: while it looks grey in the pan, it swatches to a beautiful white silver on the skin. The shadow is soft, pigmented but not too powdery/dusty. The dark blue is a bit more sheer with more of a sheen rather than shine of the silver. I can easily see the silver being a highlighting color on the corner of the eye or to add some sparkle, while the blue can be used as accent to add some dimension or smudged along the lashline to make a darker shadow more smokey. The gold and light blue overlay is gone in one swipe, but I do like the fact it does not kick up a bunch of loose powder when used, and the design is so prominent that it will stay pretty for a long time.

White Tiger Poudre Delicate


Description:  “This special-edition compact honors the rare White Bengal Tiger with a super lightweight pressed powder. Proceeds from the sale of Poudre Delicate benefit TRAFFIC to support efforts to protect the wild tiger. Mattifies skin for a smooth, luminous effect. Infused with Tahitian Monoi to hydrate skin. Special-edition compact with image of Royal Bengal Tiger includes ultra-soft puff.


Packaging: The compact comes in a stiff, bronze leather-ish drawstring bag. The compact is made of a shiny bronzed plastic (a bit difficult to photograph, since it really want to give a tour of my room). It is sturdy, with a hole on the bottom of the powder pan, which means it’s refillable! I’m not quite a fan of how thick this is, due to it being 2 layers and housing a puff on the bottom. It would be ok if the puff is good, but it’s kind of a thin, stiff velour puff. I would’ve preferred something softer so it’s gentler on the design and I can apply it to my face more evenly.chantecailleMakeup8

Powder: The powder itself is covered with a thin layer of gold/silver shimmer, with the matte powder below strategically peeking through for the tiger’s pattern. The shimmer goes away with a few swirl of a brush, showing the actual product underneath. The powder is a light beige, with a slight yellow undertone but mostly colorless on the skin. It is finely milled and feels weightless on the skin. It does mattify without making my face look powdery or flat, and does not dry me out! The matte powder actually reminds me of my current favorite, Guerlain Les Voilettes pressed powder. Both are beautiful, weightless, blurrs and mattifies for a natural finish without drying out the skin. I have the Guerlain powder in light, but this Tiger powder is a hint more yellow (great if you tend to have a bit too much redness in the skin, but they are so sheer I doubt it matters much).chantecailleMakeup9

So that’s the pretty makeup edition for this week. Most of Chantecaille’s endangered animal collection of powder and palette are limited edition. They are released twice a year and once it’s gone, it’s gone. HOWEVER, when I was searching for reviews it seems this tiger powder (with a flat brush I believe) first came out ~2010, so there is hope they will bring it back if you really love it. Chantecaille makeup are pricey, but they are pretty decent size, putting them on par with other high/mid end brands. They’ve done dolphins, elephants, turtle, horse, bees, tiger, coral reef, butterfly and sharks. It’s good quality for a good cause, so I would recommend getting a powder/eyeshadow or two for yourself or as a gift. Unless you are a collector, the palettes are refillable and the colors are not *that* unique, so whether I buy again depending on if I like the next animal.


8 thoughts on “Eye Candy Spectacular! Chantecaille eyeshadow and tiger powder

    1. Haha, the horse palette I ordered seems to be a tester/display since it was so scratched up on the outside and overlay was rubbing off inside, so they refunded me and let me keep the palette. However, I still sanitized everything and end up using it. I half contemplated getting the anniversary palette with the 3 animals as little work of art, but $60 is too expensive for something I’m not planning to use, lol.

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