New Year’s Resolution, what is yours?

It is now a New Year! New you! Well, last year my resolution was to keep up a beauty blog to help me use up my skincare. While I can’t seem to stop buying skincare, I did manage to keep the blog going regularly. With that momentum in mind, I would like to make some resolutions this year! I will lose 20 pounds and spend less on beauty product. And here’s my plan on how to do it.

1. Exercise more

Exercise help you lose weight the healthy way. There’s plenty of excuses like the timing, or complicated equipments or just too tired. But you can be sleepy and tired and stare at the TV for 30min, or sleepy and tired and exercise for 30min, knowing that you did something nice for your body today. Here are the three exercise I discovered last year, and liked enough to continue:

  • 30 Day Challenges – the exercise goal for each day is simple and there is a video clip for all the moves. You can do it anywhere, it doesn’t take much time and you can take as many breaks as you want, so there’s really no excuse not to. However, I attempted the beach body challenge and it is definitely effective. Even when I was only doing it every other day, with a small break between every 10 moves or so, my body felt stronger by Day 10. With that said, I did kind of lose interest and stopped around Day 20something.
  • Couch to 5K Running Plan – in my mind, fitness always brings up an image of a fit person in pretty exercise cloth running in the park. I would like to be that person, and this plan seemed doable, or at least did not scare me right off the bat. I felt like dying during week 1 but followed it exactly and was surprised that I was getting strong enough to do week 2 without dying…then week 3…..then 4….. I did hit a wall at week 6, and kind of stopped there due to cold weather. I didn’t want to download anything on my phone, so I print out a pdf and timed myself on the treadmill.
  • Blogilates – in addition to strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and control are also important. Pilates is good for that, and I actually first discovered Blogilates while looking for exercise videos where you dance to kpop. The first time I happened upon this, I just tried 3 of the ~5min videos, which looks easier than done, and my muscles were sore the next day. There is a 30 day workout for beginners, which I plan to try this year. Last year I mostly just did her short video for warm up, slimmer waist, Psy’s Gangam Style, and Gentlemen.

All three of them have 30 day plans, and I’m sure some are going to take me more than 30 days. But whatever plans I have for the month, I should be able to follow at least one of them. My goal for the year, is to follow a 30 Day plan from each of the three to the end at least.

2. Rein In the Shopping and Shop the Stash!

With about a hundred makeup products and, even worse, over a hundred skincare products, I have enough to not buy anything at all this year. Champagne taste on beer budget I have, but being able to pay my bills and eat are kind of more important. Here’s the plan:

  • Skincare journal is back! – At end of each month, I will do a skincare journal and review some of the products I finished. This will force me to use my stash instead of keep getting distracted by new things!
  • Sheet mask highlights– I’ve reviewed lots of sheet masks last year from various high end brands (karuna, shiseido, SK-II etc.). But do you really need to pay big bucks to get good sheet masks? Since the goal is to find good cheap masks, I only chose the ones that are <$2 per sheet….and now I’ve got ~60 Asian sheet masks with a variety of ingredients/purposes. That should give me enough masks for the year, and enough to talk about on the blog, so look forward to lots of sheet mask reviews!
  • Swagbucks, Bing and Ebates – it’s unrealistic and unreasonable to say I won’t shop the whole year, but I can ease the monetary burden by using giftcards and getting cashbacks. Bing rewards give you points for using Bing to search a certain number of times a day and I can get ~$5 per month from it (giftcard to Sephora etc). Ebates is an online rebate/cashback site with click through link to numerous retailers. How much you get depends on how much you shop online. The last site I like is Swagbucks, where you can play games, do survey or shop for swag bucks to redeem for giftcards. There is no upper limit to amount of swagbucks you can earn daily, but it is time consuming. All in all, that should give me a $10-20 leeway per month.

3. Eat healthier

This is going to be really hard. Spicy food gives me pimples, and as I discovered in 2014, overdose on dairy or chocolate sweets also give me breakouts. You can use the fanciest skincare product to continuously try to fix your skin, or you can just eat healthier so your skin doesn’t need much fixing. I love food and is not willing to cut them out completely, but it is time to make some healthier changes

  • Drink more water – sometimes I forget to drink water during the day, which is why I resolve to start the day with a cup of water before anything else.
  • Less, or better junk food – junk food are the death of my attempt at healthy diet. I signed up for Graze on a whim last year and really likes it. They have hundreds of choices from dried fruit, nuts and savory snacks. You get a little package of 4 types every Monday for ~$6. It comes with nutritional information and are tasty enough to make my Monday brighter and motivate me to stay away from junk food for snacks. The downside is the small size, but that’s why it’s good for portion control.

So that is my lengthy and detailed New Year’s resolution. I just started a journal to keep track of spending, weight and exercise, hopefully I can keep it up. Now, any New Year’s Resolution for you?


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution, what is yours?

    1. Haha, I am, too. But blogging was last years and I, miraculously, managed to keep it up so, who knows. The plan is realistic enough that I should be able to keep it….I hope.

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