The Year (of skincare) in (speed) Review!

It is that time of the year again, for the big cleanse! Yes yes I know, while we don’t mind too much throwing away that $5 drugstore eyeshadow, it can be difficult to throw away a $20 mascara. Dried up/expired products don’t work well, and sometimes ingredients go bad or bacteria accumulate and you might get an eye infection. If your makeup is contaminated, then you have to throw everything away and can’t wear makeup a few days. See? now the thought of throwing away that funny smelling Dior gloss doesn’t sound too bad, does it?


You can tell if makeup have gone bad by change in scent, texture or color. It’s harder to tell for skincare where you don’t know if the active ingredients are no longer effective. There are a few ways to check for expiration dates, check out this blog post for more information. As for skincare that are near or just past expiration, or something you don’t really like but can’t bear to throw away, there are a few ways of using them up:

  • Cleanser – use as hand wash or brush cleanser.
  • Toner – if it’s a moisturizing one, soak thin cotton pads (or peel apart if it’s too thick) and lay on face for a DIY sheet mask. If it’s an exfoliating one for oil/bumps, use on your arm pit or any sweaty areas in the summer to freshen up.
  • Treatment/Moisturizer – use them on your neck and hands, which are most susceptible to aging after face and often neglected.

If you really don’t like those skincare products and they are expired, then please throw them away. Your skin deserves better and there are so many better products out there. Now then, for the year end dump of skincare reviews….

Skincare Speed Review!

While I’ve got plenty to say for some products, there just isn’t a lot to say for others. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the effect with only a packet. Or maybe it’s for acne or anti-aging and my skin is simply not there yet. So here are the products that I tried this year that I’m either not interested in making a big post about, or just don’t have much to say:

Algenist Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF20 – it is a lightweight, slightly runny white cream with the typical clinical scent of Algenist. It moisturizes well, great for combination or normal skin. It have a natural finish and….doesn’t feel too special.

AmorePacific Treatment Cleansing Foam – it is a white cream with sparse amount of tiny blue beads, but you can’t feel the blue dots at all, this is not exfoliating but strictly a cleanser. It foams well, is great for all skin types and leaves the skin very clean. It feels the same as Clarins gentle foam and Origins Checks & Balances, both of which are cheaper.

Bite Agave Lip Mask, original – Squeezing this out of a tube is like trying to squeeze solid coconut oil or butter out of a tube. It is a bit thicker than TokyoMilk dark lip balms, which is much thicker than rose salve/vaseline. Because it is so thick, it does a great job of protecting the lips against moisture loss or wind, but it doesn’t really sink in or provide hydration. You might want to layer a lip serum or thinner lip balm underneath for that.

Boscia Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture SPF 30 – it is a lightweight watery beige lotion, with no scent and absorbs well. You can’t smell, feel or see the sunscreen at all. The finish is not shiny, actually a tad matte with a tiny bit tacky finish, probably best for oily skin. Not a big fan of the finish, I think I prefer Murad Essential+C spf30 over this. Both have the same consistency but Murad is a bit more creamy, not as matte and feel smooth instead of slightly tacky.

Boscia Oil-free Nightly Hydration – it is a very watery lotion, with no scent and absorbs well. In fact, if you have VERY oily skin and 90% of the moisturizers are too much, try this. It sinks in well and leaves the skin matte/clean, but not moisturizing enough for me even in the summer. A better alternative to Clinique yellow gel.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum – it is a liquidy lotion/emulsion type serum with a green scent. It sinks in well but does not disappear completely, leaving a moisturized feel behind. It is hydrating and does work, making the redness in my skin less obvious. Altho it does not help with pimples and the thickness makes it more appropriate for dry skin than combo/oily skin.

Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream – it’s a light yellow gel cream. It is lightweight, same consistency and gel cream finish as Clinique Moisture Surge but it doesn’t sink in as well. I don’t think it does anything extra worth the extra price, since the top 5 ingredients are all common moisturizer ones.

Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer – it feels like a lightweight lotion, with no scent and absorbs well mostly….unless you’ve got heavy peach fuzz. I’m a bit hairy around edge of my face and it flaked a bit around there, make sense since dimethicone is the 5th ingredients. It’s nice but not amazing, good for oily skin. Bliss Triple Oxygen + C energizing cream is the same liquidy consistency, at least the one I tried before they repackaged.

Korres Greek Yogurt Moisturizing Face Cream – it feels like a nice lightweight cream going on, and sinks in well…..flakes on my peach fuzz at edge of my face. Good for normal skin. *I find most Korres skincare don’t really work well for my skin despite having good ingredients and working well for others, so I would recommend you to look for other reviews.

Korres Greek Yogurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial –  it is a rich cream that sinks in pretty fast. It leaves a stuffy rubbery feeling behind for me, probably due to beewax (which is more often used in lip balms). Good for dry skin, not for oily or acne-prone. *I find most Korres skincare don’t really work well for my skin despite having good ingredients and working well for others, so I would recommend you to look for other reviews.

L’occitane Angelica Cleansing Gel – it is a clear gel with very green scent. It doesn’t foam much, does clean fine, but a tad drying with a slightly matte feel. If I were to use a gel cleanser, I would much prefer Boscia Purifying over this.

Ole Henriksen Protect the Truth SPF50+ – it is a thick cream and does goes on white, but goes away if you rub it in well. It have a fruity orange scent with a hint of sunscreen. It moisturizes and sinks in fine, with a natural/slightly dewy finish, but is a bit fickle with makeup. It’s fine when I’m not wearing makeup but when I do, sometimes the makeup looks a bit flaky, patchy and greasy around the mouth area. It is more of a sunscreen than moisturizer, so make sure to wash it off properly at night. I would recommend it more for dry/combo skin, or if you are extremely pale. Otherwise I would not use it daily with the consistency and it being so sunscreeny, I think Neutrogena is a pretty good alternative.

Ole Henriksen Truth Revealed Super Creme SPF15 – it is a medium weight cream with a mild fruity scent. You can’t smell the sunscreen, and it melts easily into the skin just like a moisturizer rather than sunscreen. It have a slightly thicker consistency than Sheer Transformation but otherwise feels almost the same on the skin. It’s great for normal/dry skin during the day.

Origins Brighter by Nature SPF35 – medium weight cream with a citrus + sunscreen scent. It applies well, sinks in and doesn’t have any white cast. It is not greasy but does have a natural/slightly dewy finish. It doesn’t really brighten but for such high SPF, it didn’t feel greasy and hydrates well. The expiration is 2yrs, after which the sunscreen kind of separated. =X

Origins Perfect World SPF25 – a lightweight cream with a fruity scent like the rest of the Perfect World line. It doesn’t really have a sunscreen scent, does not feel greasy or give a white cast. It does give a natural/slightly dewy finish, a tad more lightweight than Brighter by Nature. It is nice, both this and Brighter by Nature are more for normal/combination skin.

Origins GinZing mask – it is a clear gel. It smells fruity and feels cool going on but….didn’t really do anything more than that. I enjoy a gel hydrating mask like Fresh or PTR cucumber more.
Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Restoring Cream –! I have combination skin so I was saving it for dry dry winter days when I need thicker moisturizer, but it’s a very thick cream. It have a powdery perfume scent and does absorb well. However, because it is thick but absorbs well, you can’t really apply sparingly. If you have oily/combo skin and think, oh I’ll just apply at most a pea size to the whole face, this is not going to work. If you apply normal amount or does not have dry skin, this might feel stuffy. It does hydrate well without irritating my acne, but I would not recommend it unless you’ve got legitimately dry skin.
Supergoop Save Face SPF35 AM moisturizer(water resistant) – it is a creamy lotion and have a strong sunscreen scent that disappears after you apply it. It absorbs well and have a natural finish, not greasy or shiny. The skin feels smooth and it’s great for normal skin. Maybe I should purchase it…. ah, some people have reported a problem with the pump, so I would recommend buy from Sephora or somewhere you can test or is easy to return the product.


So that’s all the skincare I’ve tried that I probably won’t repurchase, thus won’t be blogging about in detail in the future. What have you used up this year that you like or didn’t like?


2 thoughts on “The Year (of skincare) in (speed) Review!

  1. I used up my buxom lip gloss in dolly and my nars orgasm/laguna duo and I really like the products and would like to purchase all three of those items in full size. I’m big on blush and bronzer and wear it often and I’m not really big on glosses but I really like the buxom ones. Dolly is a good everyday color thats good for both school and work. Me like.

    1. Buxom gloss are nice, altho I think I like Lancome Lip Lover more.

      Haha, believe it or not, I don’t actually have any Nars face products. I’m pretty satisfied with my current collection of blushes, and really need to use some of those up…

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