A little twist: 3 fun ways to wear lipsticks!

Merry Christmas everyone! Since I doubt many people will check the blog on Christmas day. With the holidays upon us, it is the perfect time to break out the bold lipsticks! However, it’s kind of boring to just swipe on the same old lipstick the same old way isn’t it? I mean sure, you use a lip liner, swipe on the lipstick, then blot, then swipe, then blot again. Why not be a bit more adventurous and try some other fun ways of wearing lipsticks?


And I don’t mean crazy leopard prints or blue/green glittery type, but just a fun twist on your normal favorite color. Please excuse the crappy image quality, because my phone camera is incapable of capturing detailed close ups of my face. Some day, I will get a real camera but until then……



This is great if you don’t usually wear bold colors, or want something  more subdued, more casual. Just take your bright fuschia or red lipstick, swipe it once on the center of the lip, then smudge your lips together and pat with your finger to smooth it out. Shown above are MUFE Rouge Artist Intense 36 Satin Fuchsia, and Bite lipstick in VIB Rouge.


20141220_201312This is a fun way to wear lipstick and it can be as light or dark as you wish. I like this since it can be vampy, sexy or innocent and it’s smudge proof. Or rather, it doesn’t matter much if the two color smudge together since it’s ombre it just looks intentional.

I did a small tutorial/post on it before using orange and pinkish red. For the left, I used pink (MUFE 36) on the inside, red on the outside (Bite Lip Crayon in Edie), and a dab of pink Buxom gloss in the middle. For the right, I used KVD Celebutard (pale nude, pulled, you can try KVD Agatha or Noble or any pale nude/concealer ish lipsticks) on the outside, MUFE 36 on the inside. The rule of the thumb is to apply the lighter color first, then darker color.


holidaylips3This is a fun one that can look as natural or quirky as you want. Your bottom lip naturally catches more light than the top, so using a lighter shade on the bottom makes it look more pouty. If you use the colors with the same undertone, like shown on the left (Buxom Menace a brownish reddish grape on top, Bite VIB rouge a brownish red on bottom) it looks pretty natural. Or if you use colors with more of a difference or different undertone, it’s more loud/fun (Bite Eddie on top, MUFE 36 on bottom).

The only downside is that, since the top and bottom lips are two different color, you have to be careful not to smudge your lips against each other too much or the colors might mix/rub off. Blot-a-plenty, or you can use one of those smudge proof lip colors like Hourglas liquid lipstick or OCC Lip tar.

So that is that, a fun twist to your holiday looks. I’m currently working on adding some things to the website to hopefully make it more awesome and user friendly. In the mean time, have fun and Merry Christmas! =)


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