Giveaway winner! And my favorite skincare tips for winter

So, the giveaway I did a week ago ended, and the winner according to random picker issss

Congradulations! Thanks to all who entered and I’m glad y’all enjoyed the blog. I have certainly enjoyed talking about all sort of makeup and skincare. Now, if only I’m just as diligent in using them……am I the only one who get exponentially lazier during the holidays? I mean a day or two of neglect is passable, but after half week of traveling, makeup, improper or lack of skincare, it is a rebellion on my face. It’s itchy, flaky, super dry and bumpy. There are tons of dry skincare tips on the internetz, here’s what worked and what didn’t for me.

Skincare Tips


1. DO use sweatbands to prevent water from dripping down the wrist/elbow. Even when I’m trying to be extra careful, I just seem to get water everywhere. I tie my hair back and am not too bothered by water dripping down my arms in the summer, but that translate to cold and wet sleeves in the winter. If you are one of those cool people who don’t have this problem, ignore this. But this is probably the best skincare “tool” I bought. Just $2 pair from Walmart to prevent water/soapy cleanser from dripping ALL OVER THE PLACE FOREVER.

2. DON’T rehydrate your sheet mask for a second use. Yeaaaaahhhh no. I love hydrating sheet masks because they are like a bath of moisture for your face. And there is one for every skintype (mask with more liquidy serum like Karuna Clarifying for oily skin, or mask with richer essence lotion type like Shiseido Luscent). It’s true that most sheet masks have a lot of serum left over after you take out the sheet, but if you put the mostly dry sheet back in, the serum doesn’t sink into the mask evenly. Instead, just generously apply the serum the next day with your finger/hand to face, wait until it’s dry then apply another layer and repeat until it’s used up for same effect.


3. DO use a humidifier. Is the cold wind and dry indoor heat making not just your skin dry and flaky, but your eyes and throat dry and scratchy as well? Use a humidifier! It makes a noticeable difference in my skin and made sure my head doesn’t feel like a shrivelled up prune in the winter. There are portable ones for the office, quiet ones for night, heated ones for those who can’t stand cold, and pretty ones for those picky about decor. If you pick one without a filter and use filtered water, you only really need to clean it every week or two, so it’s definitely a worthy investment if you’ve got dryness issue in the winter.

4. DON’T just lather on a thicker moisturizer or switch the whole skincare routine to be richer. While you should switch to a more hydrating cleanser/toner/moisturizer, using products that are too heavy can feel stuffy and clog your pores without really sinking into the skin. Then you just end up with flaky skin AND clogged pores. If you were using a foamy cleanser, try a gel, milky or oil cleanser. If you were using an exfoliating toner, or one with lots of alcohol, try a hydrating one. If you are not using a serum, then try using a hydrating serum. If you have oily skin and used a gel/lotion before, try a gel cream now, don’t go to the extreme and try a balm for dry skin. Or try adding a couple drops of oil to your current moisturizer. Adjust one thing at a time so you know what works and what doesn’t. You may only need to switch one or two products instead of everything depending on how dry your skin is.

5. DO exfoliate gently. That heavy duty peel may work for you when your skin is healthy and sturdy, but may do more harm than good when the skin is wind-chapped, raw and irritated from the environment. If you are using a scrub, choose one with round beads or very fine granules (Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion is a favorite) instead of big chunks of nutshell that might scratch your skin. You can also use a exfoliating/peeling gel that you rub on until they ball up with dead skin cells then rinse off (PTR FirmX or KGD Spa Gommage gel). While those are great for sensitive skin, they do get caught in peach fuzz and hurt, so avoid if you are hairy like me. Chemical peels might make your skin tingle or sting a bit when applied, but they shouldn’t hurt. If it irritates your skin, making it scaly, raw or flaky, then you definitely needs something gentler.

6. DON’T skip SPF!!!!!! I was surprised when I see some people asking if they need to wear sunscreen in the winter. Of course you do! The skin damaging rays can penetrate cloud and windows, so even if it’s cloudy or you are behind a window in the office all day, you should definitely use SPF! Above is an image of sun damage on two side of the same person taken at the same time! It is from this skin, aging and science article and if you google there are plenty of other articles/pictures like this. You should use SPF all day every day of the year!

7. DO change your makeup accordingly as well. Having combination skin means I get to taste the fun of having every type of skin depending on the season. I use oil-control primer and mattifying powder in the summer, but drying my skin out is the LAST thing I need in the winter. In general cream/liquid products are less drying than powder, but with fancy technology and all the hybrids, there are now hydrating powders as well if you have dry skin but prefer a more matte look. My cheek is the driest in the winter, so I just switch out the mattifying primer in the summer for a hydrating one like Hourglass no.28 serum primer (LOVE this stuff!).

8. DON’T just focus on your face. Your skin is also a reflection of your body’s overall health. For me at least, I know that overdose of dairy products worsen my skin texture, spicy food gives me pimples, and too much processed junk food/sweets make me oily. Sure you can treat it with lots of skincare products, but these problems originate from the inside and is more effective treated internally. It’s tempting to indulge during the holiday (then attempt to go on a depressing and spartan diet after the New Year). It’s ok to indulge a bit, but make sure to also keep yourself hydrated and squeeze some vegetables or fruit in there instead of alcohol or cakes and brownies. Then you wouldn’t regret as much once you recover from the food coma.

9. DO moisturize extra after a shower. We know that hot water dries the skin out more than cool water, but there’s NO WAY I’m doing a cool rinse when it’s -10F outside and feels like 50F inside. I like to slap on a hydrating mask immediately out of the shower, moisturize my body, then rinse off the mask and do the rest of my skincare.

10. DON’T get stress out too much. Aside from finishing up a ton of work before the year end, trying to catch every sale and make sure you got present for everyone, you should enjoy the holidays, too! 😉


5 thoughts on “Giveaway winner! And my favorite skincare tips for winter

  1. Yayyyyyyyyy! So exciting to win something! Thanks so much for doing a Giveaway! 🙂
    I LOVE reading your blog! Great tips for winter!

  2. Congratulations Arielaaaaaa! Methinks I need a couple of those sweatbands for my wrists too! I splash water everywhere when I wash my face, I hate it! I’m really good about wearing sunscreen on my face daily, but I really need to start taking care of my hands. I’m 26, so no issues yet, but I need to get on board and moisturize and put SPF there too so that I dont end up with old looking hands! I miss your skincare journals! I like seeing what you are using at the moment 😀

    1. Haha, if you’ve got face moisturizer with SPF (or serums or creams) then use them on your hand! People always take care of their face, but forgetting that their neck and hands are the next in showing signs of aging.
      Lol, I don’t know if anyone reads my skincare journal. I’m contemplating the idea of doing it once a month, just products I’ve been using and new stuff that I’ve tried but didn’t really bother review….

      1. Yes that sounds good! I love seeing the list of products you’re currently using, and your take on them. Even a “thumbs up thumbs down” mini review would be awesome!

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