Eye Candy Spectacular! Les Merveilleuses Laduree rose petal blush

It’s not practical! It’s not available in US! It’s expensive! Or so I told myself as I tried SO hard to resist getting it. Unfortunately, it is much harder to resist once I see them in person and so, here’s my early Christmas present to self. Speaking of which, don’t forget the giveaway! A little thank you gift for reading my blog. =)


Laduree was originally a French Patisserie and Les Merveilleuses means “marvelous”, referring to eccentric and elegant woman as a nod to the period after the French Revolution. Or that’s what I gathered from their official site. Their products are beautifully packaged in the old French style with white, gold, cameos and lace. The motto is that the products are “Especially created for women who enjoy being women, and who value something that enchants them not reasonably but intrinsically. Les Merveilleuses Ladurée proposes “unexpected” beauty beyond the ordinary concept of cosmetics to women who pursue new forms of beauty.”


Laduree beauty products are available mostly in Japan with a few stores in Europe. At the time I got it, it was 10k yen total. Well, the price point is “not reasonably” but there is no denying “intrinsically” how beautiful everything is. And the concept of rose petal blush is definitely unexpected and new. Now then, let’s take a closer look at the rose petal blushes, shall we?

The pot and the rose petals came in separate boxes. You can buy refills of the rose petals, but I’m not sure if you can buy the pot by itself (I tried, since I like the pot but deemed the petal blushes impractical. The saleslady who helped me did not seem to like that idea.)


The sturdy purple satin pouch have a round plastic container inside, in which the rose petals are carefully layered/arranged on top of a sponge. The rose petals themselves are not real rose petals, thankfully, and are of a stiff fabric/paper clothe material coated in powder. It has a light powdery rose scent, not the rose perfume type but real roses.


There are 23 petals in the container. The petals are of varying size from .5in to 1.5in in length approximately, most on the larger side. I scraped off the powder coating on a little section of the petal, there is color underneath! So even after you used up the powder, the petals will still look pretty in the pot. Now then, let’s put those petals into the pretty pot! While the pot is plastic, it is thick and sturdy but not heavy fortunately. I got the color 01, which is a light coral shade. LadureeRose4LadureeRose5

I only put 1/2 of the petals in the pot, since I use up makeup slowly and tend to be heavy handed so I don’t want petals falling out of the pot. The pot lid DOES NOT TWIST CLOSE, it’s a cover you lift up, so be careful when moving the pot. I have to remind myself of this since I almost knocked the bottom over a few times. It does make it more convenient in the morning, however, since I don’t have to pry or twist the top open.


As for the actual blush, it have light to medium pigmentation so you really need a somewhat stiff brush to apply it. A brush like the one for meteorites or maybe a buffing brush, since otherwise it’s rather subtle. The color itself was soft, blendable and natural looking. There’s no shimmer, just a soft semi-matte color that melts right into your skin.


However, the color I got was 01, which I feel was the least pigmented of the bunch, or maybe it’s just due to my yellow undertone and that the blush is new. Perhaps it will deposit more pigment later after more use when the powder losens from the blush? When I was swatching them instore, the other colors are slightly more pigmented. Shown below is their cheek collection with the rose petal blushes being the star of the show. From left to right, 01 is a light coral, 02 is a cool pink with a hint of red, and 04 is the newest addition, a pinkish plum/purple color. The last little jar on the right is 03, which seems to be a rusty brown color, it reminded me of a wilted rose and I did not swatch it.LadureeRose10LadureeRose11

The lighting in the store was very yellow, but the swatches are 01, 02 and 04 if you want to see them side by side. I was very tempted to get a powder along with the blush. It was slightly more expensive than the blush, if I remember correctly, but the white pot makes it look kind of cheap for the price (more obvious that it is plastic, rather than transluscent plastic that look like frosted glass, which looks more expensive in my mind). The lace filter/sifter for the loose powder did tickle my fancy so here’s a picture.


It is probably, ok fine definitely, the most beautiful makeup I own (second only to Alexis Bittar brush since it’s all plastic). It is a display piece, a novelty item, and an absolutely worthwhile addition if you care about how your vanity looks. The translucent plastic makes it look expensive, but the pot is not heavy and won’t break as oppose to if it’s made of frosted glass. But if you just want a nice blush, don’t care about how it looks or is limited in space, then there are definitely other comparable options in the $20-$50 range. I bought the set mostly for the pot, with the idea that after I’m done with the rose petals, I can put my meteorites and a pretty fluffy puff inside. So that is today’s eye candy, hope you enjoyed it. =)

While it is not available in US, it is available in Japan and actually carried by Sephora in France! I wish US Sephora would also carry it, but then I’d buy all the things and end up broke.


7 thoughts on “Eye Candy Spectacular! Les Merveilleuses Laduree rose petal blush

  1. Oh my god!!!! Thats gorgeous! Blush petals? What will they think of next? Wow! I love love love blush, next to lipstick its my favorite makeup item. I love all the colors but I think I like 04 the most. Beautiful!

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