Cleansing wipes: Ole Henriksen edition

I am pretty much set in my favorite makeup removers, take it off with cleansing water or balm followed by a good old cleanser. However, I’ve started exercise recently, and what do you do when you want to take off makeup but can’t wash up immediately? This is where cleansing wipes come in! They are more travel friendly than cleansing water + cotton pad and there is one for every skin type. I’ve tried the popular Yes to Cucumber wipes before, which made my skin burn, and I stayed away from the wipes for awhile. But I saw the Ole Henriksen sampler set of all 3 wipes, so I bought it figure that at least one should work for me.

OleHenriksenWipes OleHenriksenWipes2 OleHenriksenWipes3

Some skincare experts don’t like wipes because most of the wipes are drying, and you might be smearing the makeup/bacteria from acne around your face instead of taking them off when you are rinsing. I like these Ole Henriksen wipes because they contain skincare friendly ingredients in addition to just taking off makeup, so I don’t feel like I’m committing blasphemy against my skin if I can’t follow up with a proper cleansing/moisturizing routine immediately. With that said, if you are looking for wipes to take makeup off and intend to follow up with cleansing and the rest of your skincare routine immediately, a basic wipe like Neutrogena or Simple from your local drugstore will probably do. But, onto the 3 wipes and their differences……


Nurture Me – “Gently cleanse while removing all traces of makeup—even waterproof mascara—in one easy step. Each satiny-smooth cloth blankets skin with soothing moringa and borage seed oils, bursting with essential fatty acids, to nourish and unveil glowing, fresh, ultrasoft skin.” The wipes smell like fruit punch out of the bag. The clothe is smooth, soft and sturdy. It feels nice on the skin with no stinging or irritation at all, even when I gently rub it around my eye area. It leaves the skin feeling moisturized but not sticky.


Grease Relief – “Deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and renew pores in one easy step. Uniquely textured cloths exfoliate while glycolic, lactic, and citric acids thoroughly dissolve dead skin cells. Purifying eucalyptus absorb pore-clogging dirt and oil for clarified, fresh-looking skin and AHA’s exfoliate, remove dead skin cells, and smooth texture for a refined complexion.“The wipes smells like eualyptus/mint and have a cooling/tingling when I use it on the skin. It have a smooth side and a nubbly exfoliating side. The smooth side does not sting or irritate even when I rub it around the eye area to remove makeup. The dots on the nubbly side are hard and exfoliate well, but my face was a bit pink afterward. I might have rubbed a bit too hard, oops.  It have a high alcohol content. It felt weightless on the skin but you should use a moisturizer afterward unless you are really really oily.


Clean Truth – “Cleanse, brighten, and hydrate in one easy step. Vitamin C and Coq10 boost radiance and repair while black currant oil replenishes moisture for fresh, lustrous, youthful-looking skin. Easy to use and great for travel, each quilted cloth effortlessly sweeps away dirt, oil, and makeup, leaving behind a rejuvenated complexion.“The wipes smell like orange sorbet. The wipes are soft and puffy with quilted pattern. It feels nice on the skin but did sting a little bit when I use it around the eye area, it might not be a good choice for irritated or sensitive skin. It leaves the skin feeling moisturized and refreshed.

All the wipes are white, ignore the random color filter my camera decided to add on. Basically if you want an exfoliating wipe or have very oily skin then try Grease Relief. If you want something gentle for eyes or have slightly drier skin, Nurture Me is a good choice. Otherwise, Clean Truth is refreshing and weightless. They all does the job of taking off makeup. To test that, I applied Marc Jacob Highliner in Blackquer, YSL Ink foundation and Hourglass liquid lipstick. I blotted to set the makeup, then used Clean Truth on 1, Grease Relief on 2, Nurture Me on 3, and the last is the original/control. I did 5 slow but firm swipe, then 5 more swipe. Aside from the fact that Nurture Me did breakdown the Marc Jacob eyeliner a bit faster than the others, there isn’t much difference and within 20 wipes the makeup are gone for all of them.



5 thoughts on “Cleansing wipes: Ole Henriksen edition

  1. Ooooooo the nurture me wipes look awesome! Do you know what my new favorite wipes are? Puffs fresh faces face wipes ( the fragrance free, natural saline one). They are amazing! I got them for a steal, they come in a box with one of those plastic lids that snap shut so the wipes dont dry out and they are wet enough to remove most of my face makeup ( I dont use wipes on my eyes, dont want to pull and tug at that area). I think its 5 bucks for 45 wipes too, check it out!

    1. Interesting. I’m trying to use up on OH wipes, but I brought the Neutrogena wipes that everyone and their cousin raves about, so I will be trying that out soon…..and by soon I mean after I finish all my other wipes since I don’t want them drying out, lol.

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