A Night at the Opera, with Guerlain Météorites Perles d’Étoile

I told myself that I’ve got enough jars of Guerlain meteorites to last me for decades, but it’s the holiday Limited Edition and it’s all gold and sparkly and comes with a RED PUFF with BOW. What is a girl to do? What is a Guerlain addict to do? Well, I’m surprised I managed to resist for a month until I caved and got the Guerlain Meteorites Perles D’Étoiles. According to Guerlain.com, this little beauty is “crafted entirely in golden metal, it features the famous bow inspired by Coque d’Or sculpted on the lid. The legendary pearls are available in blend of six light and radiant tones has been specially designed to enhance the complexion after nightfall under the lights of evening.

GuerlainDetoileMeteorites image_1

It is part of their holiday collection for 2014, A Night at the Opera (you can view the whole collection at Guerlain website here in French. If you are in US, you can buy the meteorites and the collection from Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Sephora and Saks before they are sold out). I didn’t buy the Petrouchka Palette because I have WAY too many eyeshadows, but I’ve swatched it and it. is. GORGEOUS in the pan and on the face. If you are in need of a good warm eye/face palette, even remotely considering it and have a bit of money, GET IT. But since the only thing I got was the pearls, that’s what I will be playing with here.


It is beautiful soft golden jar with a raised bow pattern on top, and the same wave pattern as regular meteorites on the side. The inside is red and my favorite part is IT COMES WITH A PUFF! I expect brand name products to be of good quality in every aspect and always felt the sponge padding for the pre-2014 meteorites a bit cheap. The white soft fabric puff for the current meteorites look better but are also not really meant to be used as an applicator. This puff, however, is soft and furry and thick. If you are applying this as a blush, the puff totally works. It is so beautiful and totally deserve to live in the jar, unlike the sponge/thin white puff of the other meteorites which I kept elsewhere.GuerlainDetoileMeteorites3 GuerlainDetoileMeteorites4

I do not own the darker meteorites from the regular line, only Blanc and Clair. However, from when I swatched them and compared them instore, the D’etoiles have a more golden glow instead of beige like Dore. Unlike the Aquarella that came out over the summer, there is no glitter, just shimmer, so you can probably use it lightly as a finishing powder to warm up and light up the complexion. I will probably use it on the cheeks for a golden peachy glow, or maybe as a finishing powder for a way too light foundation. I swatched from the loose powder in the jar and yes, it’s got the same soft floral scent as all other meteorites.


And for funsies, I counted the balls. I actually managed to distinguish all six colors this time! There are 10 golden beige balls, 7 matte beige balls, 3 red balls, 9 shimmery ivory balls, 9 bronze balls, and 8 matte pink balls in my jar.

It is elegant and perfect as a blush or all over powder for evening parties/operas. If you love it as much as I do, get it before it’s gone! If you want to check out the meteorites from the previous years, here’s my first big Guerlain Meteorites haul and the current Blanc Perles.


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