My new crush: Bite Matte Lip Crayon (for J. Crew)

While I got this over the summer, the two lip crayons were off the site for awhile and I assumed they were out of stock forever. But I just found out they are still available! Hence this post, because if you like the look of matte but haven’t tried Bite Matte Lip Crayon, you need to. If you don’t know about the brand Bite, “BITE products are free of polybutenes, sulfates, and petroleum byproducts. The lips-only collection is certified gluten-free and made with food-grade ingredients, without sacrificing pigmentation or performance.” Taken from Sephora website, it basically means it’s formulated with a bunch of good for you stuff. The problem with natural, organic or products like that is they don’t work as well as normal products. But Bite knows what they are doing. And they come with a sharpener!

BiteJCrew BiteJCrew1

Usually lipsticks that glides on, feels creamy or hydrating does not give you a matte finish and does not last long. While matte lipsticks tend to dry your lips out or if it doesn’t, then cling to dry flakes on the lip. This is not as hydrating as a lipbalm, but it is as hydrating as any other hydrating lipsticks while providing a matte finish that does not cling to dry flakes on the lip! It also wears well, even after wiping it leaves a nice stain. Edie is the red one and Lola is the pink one.


Not only is the formula longlasting and creamy and not drying, IT COMES WITH A SHARPENER! OMG WHY DO THEY NOT ADVERTISE THIS! I bought these months ago and only realized recently after seeing a friend’s post of somebody else’s post. Just pull at the little nub at bottom of the crayon, after the word Bite, and you will get a little plastic sharpener. If you are clumsy like me and accidentally broke off the tip, but still want a nice sharp and clean lip line, the included sharpener is awesome.


BiteJCrew4It is plastic so it will only really work with the creamy crayon, not anything harder like actual pencils. On one hand, I like how it’s not awkwardly jutting out so it’s just size of a normal pen. On the other hand, this is so useful and totally won me over from other matte crayons I’ve tried. Aside from the colors available on J. Crew, there is also plenty of brights and neutrals available on Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “My new crush: Bite Matte Lip Crayon (for J. Crew)

    1. Thanks! I feel like a dummy, lol, after I reexamined my gel eyeliners too and realized those also come with sharpeners (Sephora, Buxom and Marc Jacob at least) and I had them for like a year. So if you’ve got a non-pencil liner, take a look at the bottom to see if there’s a sharpener included. =X

  1. My favorite lipstick is buxom full on lipstick in las vegas, it comes in a twist up pen with a sharpener at the bottom. I never use the sharpener because I dont need it, I use the product all over my lips and not as a lip liner so I dont need a sharp tip. I love the bite beauty products! I dont have any of their pencils, but I have 2 of their lipsticks ( vouvray and bouquet). I would like the lip pencil in velvet though, gorgeous and its for sure my kind of color hehe πŸ˜€

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