Brush or art work? Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold

After a foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB and CC cream swatching marathon, I am sick of looking at neutrals, so let’s switch gears and look at something pretty and sparkly! Alexis Bittar is a luxe jewelry designer mostly, but he did a collaboration with Sephora this time and boy is it pretty! If you look at it from the brand perspective, the collection is reasonably priced compare to his other jewelry collections. If you look at it as brushes, the price put the collection inline with high-end luxury brushes like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs.


I don’t own any Tom Ford or Marc Jacob brushes, but this is definitely high quality and worth of being displayed front and center on your vanity like a piece of jewelry. As befitting of a luxury brush, everything is beautiful in every way. First of all from the presentation, the box is a sturdy cardboard and even the thick plastic covering/window have that angular architectural shape to it.


That lovely packaging extends to the whole collection: brush set with stand for $175, brush and travel wrap for $58, and the mirror for $42. I have to admit that while browsing the reviews online for the collection, I laughed when someone commented that the mirror looks like a golden potato. A golden potato with a black tassle that comes in a velvety pouch for $42, lol. Anyways, this collection is as much a work of art as it is a makeup tool, so you should take that into account when looking at the price.


Since this is part of Sephora Collection, I was particularly wary of the quality. The regular line of Sephora brushes are nice quality, but the Limited Editions are always a hit-or-miss, which is why I opted to get one brush this time instead of the set.


The Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Brush + travel wrap came with the brush, the travel wrap, a small piece of cleaning clothe, and a $25 off things from Alexis Bittar website (code SEPHORA). The brush roll feels well made with nice fabric, and the flap where the brush head lays have a smooth surface on the inside so you should be able to wipe any powder products away without washing it every time.


However, it have a magnetic closure and it barely closes after putting the powder brush in. It would probably be better used to hold eyeshadow brushes or something with a thin stem/wand, or else the magnets are not that strong and you won’t be able to roll it. With that said, there is nothing I can nitpick on when it comes to the actual brush.


It is of a nice length, not too short or long. The brush is as soft as Too Faced brushes, but slightly more dense. However, it is not so dense that it’s a pain to wash. The handle is rather heavy, especially the gold section, but it is not so heavy that it hinders usage. You do have to hold it around the gold/lucite part for better handling. It did not shed hair or color when washed, and picks up powder as well as any other mid/high end brushes.

It is expensive for a brush, but it is definitely a piece of art work meant to be displayed. I’m not a big enough fan of the art to buy the whole collection, but I do not regret splurging for this one brush. If you just want a nice and soft brush that works, then go for Eco Tools, Too Faced, or Smashbox. If you want to splurge and spoil yourself, the powder brush is not bad (compare to Tom Ford and Marc Jacob etc anyways).

EDIT 2/15/2016: I bought it for $58 but it’s on sale in Sephora for $39 twice already and at $39 I would definitely recommend it (BUY ITTTT).



6 thoughts on “Brush or art work? Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold

    1. The more I look at it the more I love it! It feels so good on the skin and I don’t know if Tom Ford/Marc Jacob feels softer, but they don’t look as pretty. This is now my meteorites brush, my favorite part of the morning makeup routine. =)

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