The BB/CC/TM swatchfest part 1

In terms of beauty lingos, TM is tinted moisturizer, BB is Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, and CC is Color Control or Complexion Correction cream. Then there’s also DD and even EE cream now. Yeahhhh…… basically they are all face makeup with less coverage and look more natural with more skincare benefit than foundations. Tinted Moisturizer is really just light coverage with a bit of hydration. BB usually feels a bit creamy with a bit more skincare benefit or some elements of primer in them. CC, DD, EE are different I’m sure but same as BB in my book because at some point, it gets a little nonsensical for me. Aside from a tiny bit more skincare benefit and less coverage, in general the finish of TM/BB/CC/DD/EE are more natural, which is why I’m interested in finding a good TM, BB or CC in addition to foundation…..


As it turns out, I have more TM/BB/CC samples than I thought, so this will be broken into two parts also to give me some time to try/use up the samples so I won’t have a bazillion little samples open and drying up.

Benefit Big Easy Liquid to Powder SPF35 foundation in Fair, Light, L/M, Medium, Beige, Deep Beige – no scent with a satin or slightly matte finish(similar to POREfessional). It have medium coverage but is very thick, almost like Kat von D foundation but a bit drier, so rub/buff it well or else it can look cakey or show pores.

Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel in Radiant – no scent with a satin/matte finish, it have a nice creamy consistency, less thick and powdery than Benefit Big Easy. But it barely have any color, almost function more as a primer with a hint of tint. The amount I used for swatch is probably enough for one cheek. It does blur lines, feels velvety and gives a nice satin/matte finish if you want the your skin but better look with barely any color.

Kate Somerville IllumiKate CC cream SPF50+ in Fair, Light, L/M, Medium – a very light fruity scent with a hint of sunscreen that disappears after application. It have a light creamy consistency like a moisturizer. It have a dewy finish and provides light/medium coverage.

Origins Smarty Plants CC SPF20 in Light/Medium, Medium/Deep – a light fruity scent and a light creamy feel just like the Origins Perfect World spf25 moisturizer. It have a light coverage and the Origins rep that applied it onto me once said that it works with your skin, so the more you rub it the darker it turns, so stop when the color melts into your skin, or apply with a brush if you don’t want too much color change, meh.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB SPF30 in Light/Medium – a very mild sunscreen scent and a liquidy creamy feel. This is actually my go-to for almost a year since it provides light/med coverage, hydrates the skin without making oily areas more oily or feeling stuffy, and have a natural skin like finish. And you can’t beat the fact it’s <$10. I’m only looking elsewhere because I’m yellow undertoned and this have a hint of pink undertone. You can’t really tell on my face but if I were to REALLY nitpick, I can tell.

Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 in Ivory – a hint of sunscreen otherwise no scent and a liquid creamy feel. It have light/med coverage and a luminous/dewy finish.

Dr. Jart+ BB Dis-A-Pore beauty balm – no scent and feels a bit like a primer, with a dry feel but spreads easily. It have light coverage and a satin/matte finish.


And that is that for now. Since my face is a shade darker than my neck, I prefer to go a bit lighter for face makeup, and if it’s too pale, a light dust of bronzer all over fixes it. =)


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