Some UD Revolution lipstick swatches and a little DIY palette.

I can never say no to some lipstick samples, the button/pill ones are too cute, and there’s enough to try the color multiple times without buying it. I’ve got 8 Urban Decay Revolution lipstick samples, but 69 has already been swatched in the red lipstick post and the DIY palette pan I want to use looks like it can only hold 6 or 7 so I skipped that. For organization purposes, and because I’m afraid of them drying out with 7 open ones at the same time, I combined them into a little lipstick palette.UDrevolutionSwatch

Here are the 7 UD lipstick colors that I have but haven’t swatched yet. Rush, Liar and Naked looks very similar in the swatches, so I will do my best to distinguish between them.

  • Rush – pink mauve. It is a MLBB (my lips but better) color. It is slightly cooler and have a tiny hint more of berry compare to Liar and Naked.
  • Streak – coral pink. Don’t be intimidated by the orange color of the bullet! If you want to try something warm but not too bold and not orange, this is a great choice!
  • Liar – pinky brown nude. It is a warm nude and have a hint more brown than Rush and Naked, but it’s definitely a brown lipstick.
  • F-bomb – classic red. It is very. very. very. pigmented. Classic red indeed, I think the swatch speaks for itself.
  • Naked – nude pink. It is slightly lighter and pinker than Rush and Liar.
  • Anarchy – bright fuchsia. Not as bold as MUFE Rouge Artist 36 and very similar to KVD Backstage Bambi. You can check out other pink lipstick swatches here.
  • Obsessed – bright baby pink. Reminds me of barbie, haha.


So there are all the swatches. Since I seldom wear the same color straight for more than 2 or 3 days and they might dry out left open for weeks, I decided to combine them together into a little palette. Since I am not hung up on any particular color, I put all of them into the same empty metal eyeshadow pan that I depotted a long time ago. If you are like me, inspired by the Guerlain meteorites and want it to look pretty, here’s how…..


  • Put the lipstick samples in the freezer. UD lipstick are pretty creamy, so if you want to get the little pill out in almost one piece you need to harden it first.
  • Gently push the plastic like pushing the pill out while loosen the edge and prey it out with a needle/toothpick, then lay them in their approximate position in the pan.
  • Scoop out any leftover from the container and fill around the edge, that gives you the picture above.
  • To make it extra pretty, I heated the top slightly to make it smooth, altho the heat was a bit too much and the colors kind of melted into each other. Then I heat the bottom of the pan slightly before putting it back into the original container.

UDrevolutionSwatch4And there’s my little lip palette. I heated the top a little too much so the nudes melted together a bit, but I don’t care for it and it actually turned out pretty well. Because of the small size of the pan, it’s hard to get individual colors but if I want toned down pink, I use the mid/left side. If I want warm reddish nude, I use mid/right side. And there you have it, a cute little customizable lip palette made from samples, if you are not too picky about using only one color at a time. =)


3 thoughts on “Some UD Revolution lipstick swatches and a little DIY palette.

  1. Oh interesting idea!! I have those samples as well! I’ve been opening them, and using bobby pins to keep closed lol! But i think i like this idea better, I’m going to finish off a lip balm i have in a little tin and do this!

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