Lipsticks too dry or too bold? try a DIY liptint!

As someone who is easily distracted by pretty things, I own enough red lip colors to last me for the next 10 years. The oldest red I have is Tarte matte lipsurgence in Fiery, something I got… least 4 or 5 years ago, and yet only worn it twice. Not only is it red, a color too bold for work for me, it is also a bit drying. My lips are always dry, so if it’s not a hydrating lipstick it’s not going to work. If I apply lip balm first then the color have no staying power. If I apply lip balm after the color then it doesn’t really hydrate and looks a bit uneven. It is pretty common to mix lipstick colors to adjust them to your liking, but adding a lip balm to lipsticks can sheer the colors out and make them more hydrating.


I used half lip balm and half lipstick. To make sure I’m mixing it evenly, I first try to crush and mix it into a chunky mixture, then added some heat. I then mix it thoroughly with a clean toothpick and let it cool. Some tips/words of cautions:

  • You don’t want it to boil since some lipstick might separate or change texture. Just heat it enough that it’s almost like a cream moisturizer consistency, or room temperature butter.
  • I used a glass container here, but if you are using a plastic container then it’s best to mix on a spoon or something heat proof and let it cool a bit before pouring in the container. Melted plastic is not something you want in DIY lip tints.


I swatched the Tarte Lipsurgence on the left and piled on the DIY lip tint on the right. As you can see the color didn’t change too much, it looks a bit glossy since I piled it on but if you apply the normal amount like you do lip balm, then it adds color and makes it look moist but have no shine really. I then wiped the swatch with a paper towel, the matte have more staying power than the lip tint with lip balm added in, but you can still see a bit of the color. For hydration while retaining the same color, you can probably do 3:1 for the lipstick and lip balm ratio. If you want a slight tint from a bold color like red, you should probably do a 1:3 ratio for lipstick and lip balm instead.

I do like the color of Tarte Lipsurgence matte in Fiery for special occasions, but the DIY liptint is definitely more wearable and probably what I will be wearing during the week. So that’s that, my little DIY to make your lip colors more workable. =)


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