Eye masks for the off duty heroes! Wei Dragon Blood and Shiseido Benefiance

When it comes to superhero, it is an unspoken rule that they must be disguised, even if it’s just a peanut size eye mask that fools no one. But despite their stressful work in the darkness of the night, they are still expected to look fresh and pretty during the day. How do you do that? well, may I introduce you to…..Wei Dragon Blood eye mask!



Wei Dragon Blood eye mask

It serves the purpose of being a disguise that doesn’t really disguise your identity at all while make sure you won’t be sporting any dark circles or undereye bags when you are back at your day job. Isn’t that wonderful? ok, jokes aside, I kind of like the design of this eye mask. The actual mask is the damp gel laid between the white/blue stiff cloth. While most eye masks are little pieces of pads for just undereye area, I like the fact it covers the whole eye area, including the lid and temple. However, you can still see or do whatever you want with it on since it’s damp but not drippy with serum and the gel is thin, flexible and sticks well.


Now, I don’tΒ have any wrinkles or need of lifting, but I do feel a little cheated that there’s not really any excess serum and the mask is not drippy. However, if you store it in the fridge, it feels wonderful for dry eyes and headache since it cools/soothes the whole eye area including the temple instead of just the undereye area. If you are the opposite where you want the cooling gel/serum on your actual eye area instead of around it, like those cucumber pads, then try the Wei Tibetan chrysanthemum eye pads.


Shiseido Benefiance eye maskShiseidoEyeMask

The second eye mask I tried is a little less superhero-y and same shape as every other eye mask. The Shiseido express smoothing eye mask consist of two piece of sturdy fabric that sticks on well. They are wet, but again, did not have as much serum/solution as Karuna eye mask (while the Bliss eye mask had enough serum/liquid to use for two sessions).ShiseidoEyeMask2The mask says it can also be used around the mouth. Since it’s for wrinkles, I’m assuming they meant from the side of your nose down to corner of your mouth vertically. Honestly I’m not sure how I feel about that, since the effectiveness of a product seem to decrease the more things it tries (or claims) to do.

In both cases my eye area feels better, more hydrated and looks slightly better. Whether that’s a temporary effect or not, I don’t know. If you were trying to get rid of evidence of dry/harsh air after a long flight or outing or a couple days of neglected skincare, this will work great. If you want to use these to correct natural signs of aging, you will need continuous use, at least for a couple of weeks, to see any effect.

And that’s a short little review on eye masks. I think I’m near the end of my hydrating mask binge and am starting the peel obsession, so look forward to a string of posts about peels for this month!


2 thoughts on “Eye masks for the off duty heroes! Wei Dragon Blood and Shiseido Benefiance

  1. I think I’d probably want the one that makes me look like a superhero, mainly because it covers the whole eye area. That’s pretty neat. I’ve never tried eye masks though (yet!), do these stay put easily, or do you need to lay down to keep them on?

    1. Haha, I like the superhero one, too, since it covers my temple. The Wei Dragon Blood, Shiseido and Karuna eye masks are light/thin enough that you don’t need to lay down and can move around (just don’t move your eye area too much). The Bliss eyepads are thicker and have more liquid so you might want to lay down for that. The Sephora one is also a lay down one, but it’s literally a blindfold, lol, so I don’t see why you would want to be in an upright position for that. =)

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