Dry Flaky lips? try a DIY lip scrub!

Ever feel like your lips are super dry but whatever lip balms applied just don’t sink in? or no matter how flaky the lips are, picking at it only damages the lips? or even when your lips look fine, all the flaky patches magically appears when you apply lipstick? If so, then try a lip scrub! With the change in weather, lip scrub is a simple and easy fix to help with dry, peeling and flaky lips. The solution range from putting a scotch tape on your lips (do NOT recommend, and yes, at one point I was desperate enough to do that), use a toothbrush to expensive lip scrubs like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish.


The problem with putting scotch tape on your lips or using a toothbrush is that it’s too abrasive. If your lips are cracked/raw as well as flaky, this might irritate the lips more. You can spend money on fancy lip polishes, but let’s face it, we’d much rather spend that money on serums or makeup. And you can get a perfectly good lip scrub from some stuff that you already own or are already in your cupboard anyways. I decided to model my DIY lip scrub after Fresh Sugar Lip Polish since it’s pretty popular and I got it as part of a set so I can compare.



– Sugar: it exfoliate but is also moisturizing, so it’s a better choice than salt when it comes to dry lips, and is less scratchy than nutshells. It doesn’t matters whether it’s brown or white, but what DOES matter is how fine it is. If you pick up a pinch and gently rub it between your finger tips, you can get an idea of whether it might be too big for your lips. If it is, put some in a food processor or crush it down to make it finer.

– Butter/solid oil: you can use liquid like olive oil or any other oil, but it doesn’t hold the scrub together so when you rub it on your lips, the sugar particles won’t stick to your lips. Something solid like coconut oil, jojobe butter, cocoa butter etc will make the scrub more creamy and the sugar less abrasive. This way the sugar sticks on your lips long enough for a good exfoliation but feels less abrasive and more hydrating/conditioning/calming.

– Lip balm: if your butter/oil is not creamy enough give you a paste and it’s still a bit liquidy, then adding a bit of lip balm like rose salve or vaseline will help make it more creamy and stick together. Any cheap lip balm will do as long as it’s soft because if it’s too waxy or you add too much of it, the scrub will ball up and stick to itself rather than your lips. Experiment with the amount depending on the butter/oil that you used.

– Extras: you can also add extras like a bit of honey to make it stick better, or a TINY drop of mint extract, or a pinch of very fine lemon peels etc. Experiment! Have fun! Just remember that less is more, since this is lips we are talking about, not that callous on your feet.

With that said, I made mine this time with:

  • 4 part white sugar
  • 1 part organic coconut oil
  • .5 part honey
  • 1 part TokyoMilk lip balm in salted caramel

You can see that the sugar granule is bigger than those in Fresh lip polish, and it’s not as creamy since the coconut oil is half oil half solid at room temperature. However, both exfoliates well without being too abrasive, and leaves the skin soft, smooth and hydrated afterwards. That’s $20 you just saved on lip scrub, or at MOST $10 you spent if you don’t have any solid oil (honestly you can probably also use margarine or butter, everyone have those, right?).


After wiping off or rinse off the scrub, don’t forget to immediately follow up with a good lip balm! You just got all those layer of dead skin cells off, now is the time to nourish your lips with a nice thick layer of whatever your favorite is. So that’s that, a little DIY to keep your lips happy during this change of the season and upcoming winter. Now you can wear whatever lipstick you want without worry. =)


2 thoughts on “Dry Flaky lips? try a DIY lip scrub!

  1. Ohh i never thought about using a lip balm in a DIY scrub! I must admit though, I LOVE the Fresh lip scrub! I I have 2 deluxe samples that will last a good while i hope! But i just wouldn’t pay that much for something i could easily make! So when i run out i will definitely try using a lip balm in my next DIY scrub!

    1. Most DIYs just use oil and sugar, but the grains fall off as I scrub and when I finally got a sample of the Fresh lip scrub from an order, it felt as if it’s got lip balm in it so I tried adding lip balm and the DIY works much better. =)

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