The quest for perfect foundation: swatchfest part 1

Finding the perfect color match in foundation is pretty much the hardest task I’ve found when it comes to makeup. There’s liquid, powder, cream, gel and dewy, matte, satin finish along with pink, peach, neutral, beige, yellow, golden undertones. Not to mention that sometimes foundation oxidize so it looks great when applied but 2 shades too dark an hour later. In my quest to find a foundation that is my shade, I hoarded sample packets from my shopping trips and also got some samples here and there when I go to the store.foundationswatch1a0


Search process: If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the search or don’t know where to start, what I did is first get something close to my color then decide if it’s a little too dark/light. Then I swatched  it along with a bunch of foundations I might want on my arms and compare. If the BB cream is too dark, then I can eliminate all the foundation that are darker then try 1 or 2 on one side of my face to wear for a couple of hours. If they are too light or neutral, I then try to find ones that are slightly darker or yellower and so on.

Originally I intended to find out the coverage of foundation by drawing a black dot under it with a sharpie or eyeliner. As it turns out… can actually wipe off sharpie/eyeliner, so the black dot in the swatch below is NOT an indication of coverage.


  • Tarte BB in fair – a dry smoothing primer feel, dries to a natural finish. and have sheer/med coverage It have no scent.
  • Laura Mercier TM in Nude – thin powdery creamy feel, dries to a natural/satin finish with sheer/med coverage. It have no scent
  • UD Naked foundation in 2/3.5/4 – a powdery liquid, lightweight and dries to a matte finish with med coverage. It have no scent and is a bit drying. If you have dry skin and wants to wear this, I would recommend a nice layer of hydrating primer or moisturize well beforehand.
  • KVD in Light 48 – creamy, rather thick full coverage foundation, dries to a satin finish. Unlike others, don’t work quite as well with a brush due to thickness, perhaps apply with a finger or finish with a sponge. There is a very light scent.
  • Armani Luminous silk in 5 – creamy but spread easily, dries to a satin finish, med/full coverage. It is not heavy and have no scent.
  • Guerlain Lingerie in 02 – a lightweight liquid, spread easily and dries to a satin finish, med coverage. It oxidized slightly on my skin and is very scented.


  • Benefit petal/champagne/honey – creamy foundation with a natural finish and spread easily. It have medium coverage and have no scent.
  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 30 Biege – lightweight liquid but VERY scented!! It is perhaps the most scented foundation of the batch, I could smell it on the swatch even half hour after applying it, so if you are sensitive to scent then beware!
  • YSL Youth Liberator serum foundation in BD50 Beige Dore – a lightweight liquid foundation with no scent. It have a natural finish with med coverage.
  • YSL Le Teint touche eclat foundation in B30 Beige – very mild scent and feels lightweight when applied. It have a natural finish with med coverage.
  • Amazing cosmetic VelvetMineral liquid in Med Beige – it is thick and creamy like KVD. Brushes probably won’t pick this up, the foundation probably works better with sponge. There is a very mild scent.
  • Hourglass veil oil-free in 1.5 Nude – lightweight liquid with natural finish and no scent. It is medium coverage.
  • Bobbi Brown longwear 3/longlasting 4 – lightweight liquid with a natural/slightly matte finish, it have a very mild scent and medium coverage.

So far Bobbi brown 3 and YSL touch éclat in B30 match the best. There are a couple more swatch posts coming up with swatches of the new YSL Ink Fusion and some popular tinted moisturizer/BB cream I wanted to try.


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