MUFE 30 years 30 colors 30 artist

I lied. You saw the title and thought I was gonna review the palette didn’t you? lol, unfortunately I ain’t got the fund for it, but I heard so much good things about the new Make Up For Ever Artist shadows that I just have to get a few. Since the palette does work out cheaper value-wise I split it with some great friends. Aside from 4 shadows, I also kept the pamphlet of the 30 artist, their beauty advice and why they picked those shadows. Some of the advice are kind of generic but some are useful/interesting. If you are interested, read on. If you would really rather have a nice thorough review of the palette from the design to the shadow and swatches, then Tarababyz’s got a great review.MUFEnewEye

See the swatch above? That’s what’s left AFTER I tried wiping it off with a tissue. Most of the time the eyeshadow powder completely disappears, but in this case you can still see the color as show above! And that’s with no primer!

In my experience, shadows tend to look washed out in pictures (unless you use primer) and not very pigmented when you use brush, which is why most swatches are done with finger over primer. Well, the swatches below are just 3 light swipes of fluffy eyeshadow brush or finger on bare skin and the picture is true to what I see on my skin.


I want to try out different finishes so I picked one shadow of each finish, except for satin. Since this is a good brand, I’m assuming the quality is the same for different colors of the same finish. Now then….

  • ME 512 Golden Beige – ME for metallic but it’s more of a soft shimmer. You can do a light swipe then tap off the excess for a warm glow/shimmer over the eye(like the wiped swatch), or actual soft gold metallic color. The formula is buttery smooth.
  • I662 Amber Brown  – I for iridescent but instead of shimmer it is more of a pearly glow, finer and more subtle glow than metallic. I feel like you can probably get one of the lighter iridescent and use it as a highlighter. It also have good staying power, as you can see in the wiped swatch, and just as buttery smooth as the metallic.
  • M532 Sugar Coated Candy – M for matte, and this is a nice soft matte. It’s hard to tell the lasting power since it’s so similar to my skin color.
  • D206 Celestial Blue – D for diamond, it’s blue with silver shimmer/glitter. The color in the pan look a bit darker than it actually is, the swatches are true to color. It’s not as pigmented as the other three colors/finish, perhaps that makes it more versatile, but it’s also not as buttery soft, more of a typical dry powder eyeshadow feel.

That’s all the new MUFE shadows I have, if you are interested in the beauty advice/inspiration from the 30 Artists, read on….

MUFEtips6 MUFEtips5 MUFEtips4 MUFEtips3 MUFEtips2 MUFEtips1Some of the tips on the neon bright colors are almost unreadable in the photo (to me at least) and looks like those picture puzzle where you are suppose to see something when you squint. Squinting gives you wrinkles, so I’m typing out the Beauty Advice for the ones I have difficulty seeing:

  • Angelina Avallon – “For unique beauty inspiration, get lost in the rare book section of the library.”
  • Lottie – “Use bright colors to create a nontraditional smokey eye.”
  • Elizabeth Cohen – “Use HD foundation. If you can pull it off on a HD screen, you can go on a date with it.”

And that is that. As much as I love Kat von D and Urban Decay, my go-to for pigmented shadows, they are a bit too shiny for me sometimes. I definitely forsee myself getting some more of the matte and iridescent in the future. =)


3 thoughts on “MUFE 30 years 30 colors 30 artist

    1. lol, I wish but I got distracted by other pretty lip, face, eye products and have you seen all the holiday sets??? Somebody please save my wallet. =O

      Ah instagram, apparently you can only create an account with your phone and I hate having apps on phone since I need/want most of the space for music and pictures. Maybe someday, when my app store is not acting up. I am on pinterest, but I just use it to advertise the blog, lol.

      1. YES! Ordered the Hourglass blush palette last night. Come on, the IG app doesn’t take that much space. All the cool kids are doing it! Dragon, Poshy, Crazy, Kristen… 😛

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