Ready for fall? lip color swatches

While I may be unwilling to part with the sunshine, it is undeniable that fall is slowly creeping in. The temperature during the day is no longer outrageous, and I’m starting to craving darker lip colors. The Tom Ford lipstick in Sweet Spot, a bright coral, will be stowed away until next summer while I play with the fall lipstick I got as an result of my fall lipstick hunt. I’m warm toned and prefer burnt orange ish type rather than berry or wine. I started off with only 2 fall-ish lip colors, a dark wine color which is Buxom Menace and a golden copper which is an expiredย YSL, so that won’t do.


And I break out all my dark lippie samples, searched for a nice bronze/orange color and got some samples when I went to the mall, so here are swatches of some fall lipstick and glosses in warm and cool tones.


  • Nars Autumn Leaves is a med coverage lipstick with a creamy lip balm texture. The color is burnt orange with almost un-noticeable gold shimmer, and have a very very mild sweet scent.
  • MAC Frost in CB96 (made a mistake on the image, it’s CB96, not CB910) is a sheer orange with metallic gold finish. It’s got the normal mildly sweet lipstick scent.
  • MAC in Meltdown is med coverage creamy lipstick, a warm pink with gold shine finish. It have more color than MAC Frost CB96 and have the same scent.
  • YSL lipstick in 34 is expired and discontinued, but it’s a med coverage lipstick with a copper color. It looks metallic/copper on the skin.
  • YSL Glossy stains, both Vernis A Levres and Vernis A Levres Nude, have a sweet fruity scent. They feel just like glosses but non-sticky and the shimmer does not feel gritty at all on the lips. The Nudes are sheerer than the normal stain.
  • Guerlain Rouge G in 65 is a cool berry with warm shimmer. It’s the normal creamy lipstick texture and you cannot see/feel the shimmer on the lips. It have a mild perfumed lipstick scent. I balked at the bulky packaging of the lipstick and the magnetic closure, but I do really like the color.

FallLip3While I want something warm, the gold metallic finish of the MAC make my teeth look yellower I think, so I ended up buying Nars lipstick in Autumn Leaves for fall. The orange, red and yellow leaves are my favorite part of fall anyways, so it is quite appropriate. And if it’s too warm, I can always layer it with one of the pink? maybe? I will have to play around with it….




3 thoughts on “Ready for fall? lip color swatches

  1. Its still very much summer down here in Texas so I havent even looked at my fall lipsticks let alone worn any of them. I know I have reds and purples. Those are the fall colors I usually go for. For some reason, makeup wise, I link fall to the color purple. Winter to red, summer to neon colors like orange and pink, fall to purple and pastels to spring. I have my eyes on the Too Faced Melted lipsticks, they have a lot of pretty colors, including some nice fall colors. I’m not sure how I like the foam tip applicator, its the kind that gets clogged pretty easily but the formula is a lot more comfortable on the lips than the OCC lip tars.

    1. Haha, I link spring with green, summer with yellow, fall with orange and winter with white. Ohh I tried Too Faced Melted lipsticks before, they are so pigmented, those stuff are intense! Altho I guess if you are used to OCC lip tar then it’s normal, lol.

  2. I would think the discontinued YSL Lipstick is totally Gorgeous and i must have it… I LOVE fall, and especially fall makeup colors! I can’t wait for it to actually feel like fall here in Texas! I’ve been DYING to wear my Bite Mulberry Lipstick! Great swatches! ๐Ÿ˜€

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