Blushing for fall? blush swatchfest, including YSL Volupte

I don’t know why I always end up at the blush section in Sephora. I almost never use blush since I’m naturally “embarassed” unless I wear foundation, which I also almost never do. But they look so pretty! The various shades of pink, peach and berry along with pretty shiny packagings……. While my Sephora almost never get the good stuff early if at all, I saw that they have the whole line of the new YSL Volupte powder blush on display so of course I swatched them all.

YSLVolupteBlushesThe powders are nice and soft. I’m surprised they aren’t super pigmented, but softer colors are easier to work with and it’s very blendable so no complaints there. I also love the new grid packaging inside, it reminds me of old fashioned Chinese windows, the ones made of paper and wood in historical dramas.

I also end up swatching Becca Beach Tint Souffles, they are quite popular since all of the testers have hit the pan. Honestly they just look meh in the jar but O.M.G. I instantly fell in love with Lychee/opal when I swatched it. It’s the perfect shade of light pink/rose gold/champagne that I love. They are more shimmer than color, so when I tried Lychee/opal on my eyelid, it gives a beautiful wash of subtle shimmery champagne with a pink tint. It is definitely going on my wish list.


It took quite a few swipe to get the more intense color shown in the swatches, and Fig/Opal is a bit more beige/brown/neutral than the picture. The texture is interesting, almost a dry greasy feel but is not greasy/oily at all when applied.

Lastly, Clinique cheek pop has been out for awhile but I never got around to post swatches of it, so I’m just tagging along the pictures of it here, lol.


I’m loving Peach and Ginger, they give you a glow but without the shimmer particle. The texture is a soft buttery powder, medium pigmentation I would say and easy to work with using fingers, not to mention the cute daisy pattern of the blush.

Not that I NEED a new blush, but I kind of “need” that Becca Beach Tint Souffle in Lychee/opal. Too bad it’s got shorter than most expiration date (6M) so it will have to wait until next year when I’ve used up more of my current blush.


3 thoughts on “Blushing for fall? blush swatchfest, including YSL Volupte

  1. Blush is my favorite makeup item, I have a lot more than I need but its so much fun! I dont feel as pretty without it and its a must when I’m wearing foundation. I love that Clinique cheek pop in berry so pretty! I dont own anything from Becca but I’ve been eyeing their highlighters ( opal and moonstone) for months! I swatched them on my hand and cant make up my mind, they are equally gorgeous. The last blush I bought was bobbi brown berry ( my first red!). Right now I have my eye on Cargo Mendocino, Tarte Natural Beauty, NARS Sin, and TheBalm Instains.

    1. Ohh I haven’t heard much about Cargo, but Tarte, Nars and TheBalm are regulars on the popular blush list. You totally need to swatch the Becca beach tint blushes! my swatches does not do it justice toward how pretty they are.

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