Layer your nail polish, and my favorite sparkly blue

I’m always on the lookout for a good shimmery jewel-tone nail polish, and am very specific when it comes to blue. I want it to be dark and shimmery enough to be a jewel-tone, but if it’s too dark it can look black. I tried Butter London Airy Fair on a whim on a trip to Nordstrom and couldn’t get it out of my mind. If you like blue and you like sparkles, you need this.


While it is more sparkly than shimmery, it is not glittery nor does it have that gritty finish that glitter often have. It dries relatively fast and have a smooth finish. Without any topcoat, it survived through 3 days and 2 long showers without any chip and feel just as smooth, look as shiny as ever, so the quality is there. The polish is on the med-full coverage side, where you can get an even layer with one coat but it’s full opacity/exactly what you see in the bottle with two coat.


However, since it’s not full opacity with one coat, that’s where the fun begins with polish layering. Do you want a darker sparkly blue? a lighter sparkly blue? try layer a black or white underneath! I applied one layer of black, darker blue, and white polish to my middle, ring and pinky finger. Then I applied one layer of Airy Fairy over them. The thumb is two layer of Airy Fairy.


As you can see, when you use black+Airy Fairy, you get a gorgeous shimmery midnight teal/blue. When I layered a darker blue underneath, it made the polish just slightly darker. When I layered a white polish underneath, the color is just slightly lighter. I’m loving Butter London Airy Fairy, but it’s a limited edition I believe. You can still get it from Dillard, Nordstrom, Butter London website. If you are loving the sparkly blue, then grab it before it’s gone!

Polish layering tips: How well it wears depend on the polish underneath, for BL Airy Fairy at least it wells very well. You can also play with other polish layering of course, but what I have discovered is that it’s better to keep it mostly in the same color family (don’t layer a green with orange), it is better to put the more shimmery color on top, and don’t try it with more than 2 colors or else the bottom color won’t show.


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