Skincare 101: At home facial massage, pamper thyself

…if you need to de-stress, or if you are just bored, or is trying to find an excuse to prolong your nightly skincare regimen while watching TV (where are you, Sherlock Holmes season 4?!?!?! Benedict Cumberbatch, I need you back in my life!). *cough* oh yes, facial massage. There are all kinds of benefits, from increase blood circulation and help products sink in better to reduce muscle pain/tension/detox (which is probably responsible for the face firming, sculpting and anti-aging claims). It can be a couple seconds or a couple minutes, so why not try it sometimes? Just like a shoulder massage, sometimes it does make my face feel better, especially when I have a mild headache or blocked sinus. Now, with all the tools available out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed but you don’t really need them, unless you want to.

Facial massager

No, cat sitting on your face does not count as massage and YES, I did google and confirm those are all face massager when making the collage, WHY do you ask?!?!?! no, NO, don’t go there, this is a family friendly blog.

Product to use: There is no need for any vaguely threatening/embarrassing looking tools since your finger works perfectly fine (wow, this sentence can so be taken out of context #GetYoMindOutOfTheGutter #StreamOfConsciousness #NotSoChic). You can buy milk/cream/oil specifically for massage, or you can just use a product from your skincare that takes a long time to sink in. The point is that you want your finger to glide across your skin and not tugging it every which way, which might damage your skin and causes wrinkle. If you have a facial oil, then that’s perfect for this. Whatever you use, be sure it’s appropriate for your skin type. I did a comparison/breakdown of different facial oil on BeautyTalk a while back if you were thinking of dabbling in it.

Method: After cleansing and toning, I would put some products on my finger tips and start the massage. You want to be firm without hurting, and if it feels like you are tugging your skin then you are either using too much force or the product has sunk in and you can apply more. You can probably also do it with one of those hydration masks that never dries. Depending on your skin, you might want to wipe off the excess after you are done. Go slow, it’s suppose to be relaxing,

Beginner level: If you just want to dabble or try a few moves, not much more effort than applying your moisturizer the normal way, then the simplest instructions I found were from KGD website:

Intermediate level: If you really enjoyed it and want something fancier like an actual massage, here are some steps from Shiseido that I enjoy:

Expert level: While this does not make you a masseuse, if you want massage to be a regular part of your skincare, this four part series from Tanaka is a fantastic lesson. Usually I prefer pictures so I can go at my own pace, but her series is worth watching at least once to make sure you are doing it right. She gives VERY detailed explanations for what, why and how of each moves. She show how to do it on other people (girl’s night in? pampering time with boyfriend? =P) and how to do the massage on yourself of course.

If you just want to follow the moves:

Usually I do the KGD massage with facial oil when I get out of the shower, especially if my skin is feeling dry. If I’m feeling fancy then I go for the Shiseido massage. If I want a long one or my head is not feeling well, I go for the Tanaka massage. It’s more fun and feels better than just massaging your temple and whining like an engine. So that’s that, with everything that’s going on in your life, don’t forget to take a couple minutes to pamper yourself. =)


4 thoughts on “Skincare 101: At home facial massage, pamper thyself

  1. This was very entertaining to read!! Lol! I may have to try a facial massage sometime! My skincare regimen is already quite extensive so why not add it in!!

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