Femininity&Elegance: Elie Saab Fragrances

If you like pretty fluttery dresses and gowns in pretty colors, look no further than Elie Saab. Not only does he produce gorgeous dresses, it seems he has now ventured into the beauty arena with a series of perfumes. I saw a set of his perfume while passing by the airport and couldn’t resist grab one up to play with. Since I couldn’t find many reviews or information about this line online, I figured I would share.


The bottles are simple yet elegant, and the names are……..ok fine, truly uncreative. From left to right, there’s ES Le Parfum L’eau Couture, ES Le Parfum Eau de Toilette, ES Le Parfum, and ES Le Parfum intense. The caps are about size of a quarter, and the taller ones are about 2 inches tall.ElieSaabFragrance1

I like fresh scents that are not too fruity, and those perfumes are always green in color (blue is suppose to be aquatic, yellow warm, and pink sweet. I don’t know about the rest). Well, L’eau Couture is green, so there’s at least one I probably like.

Le Parfum L’eau Couture

Description: sophisticated, sensual and fresh.
Notes: top notes (citrus, Calabrian Bergamot, Magnolia), middle notes(Orange Blossom), bottom notes (green almond accord, vanilla).

My impression: Fresh citrus floral, then the vanilla comes through….then hint of almond. And the drydown, IS DELICIOUS! After the initial scent dissipates, you are left with vanilla almond with a hint of floral. The citrus only contributed to the sweetness and comes off as fruity, not much sourness and kind of in the background. There is no hint of spice, musk or wood in the drydown, so that’s kind of unusual for a fragrance. I might have to get the full size.

Le Parfum Eau de Toilette

Description: fresh solar floral.
Notes: top notes (mandarin blossom), middle note (crisp gardenia), base note (warm vetiver).

My impression: it starts off as a warm citrusy musk, then as it dries down the vetiver becomes very strong, and the scent ends up being a dry warm musky one with hint of floral. Don’t get if you don’t like vetiver/musky kind of scent, but if you do, this is for you. The musk is very prominent, so I feel like this is not very unique since lots of perfumes have a more musky drydown.

Le Parfum

Description: woody solar floral.
Notes: top note (Orange blossom), middle notes (Jasmine absolute), base note (cedarwood-honey rose accord).

My impression: It is very strong and starts off as a sweet/floral with some wood, but then floral fades and it’s more sweet woody. The sweetness is more from honey than orange blossom. If you like scents that are a bit sweet and very woody, this is great. You have to like woods for this one.

Le parfum Intense

Description: oriental floral.
Notes: top/middle note (Ylang-ylang, honey rose), base notes (amber-patchoulli accord).

My impression: sweet, that’s the first and biggest thing that comes to mind. It is a floral honey sweet type of scent, it’s warm. It actually doesn’t change much and the amber is more prominent than patchoulli, which is in the background. If you really really like sweet scent, not the fruity kind, this is worth checking out.

Overall: Honestly the two perfumes are too strong for me. I only put 2-3 dabs on my wrist and it’s giving me a headache after repeated sniffing. They are long lasting, but use sparingly if you work in a sensitive environment. If you like intense fragrances, then they are for you. My personal favorite is the L’eau couture because it’s unique. I mean, when was the last time you sniffed a perfume that does not have woods, musk or patroulli in the basenote? and when was the last time you sniffed something gourmet that does not have a fruity or sweet note to it? Not to mention the commercial is also very pretty, so I’m leaving you with this…..quiet, fresh, classy, and slightly nostalgic.


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