Rectangles are boring, try a round palette: Tarte Aqualilies and Rainforest

I’m late I’m late I’m late late late! I meant to post on Sunday but didn’t have time. Anyways, Tarte Aqualilies! It’s my first all-in-one palette with eyeshadows and the highlighter/blush/bronzer for the face. It is every bit as nice as I imagine it to be. I missed out on Tarte Aqualilies palette the first time it came out, then per my usual MO I decided I need it after it got out of stock. It was briefly available on the Tarte website earlier this month so I grabbed it immediately. I feel bad posting about something you might not be able to buy anymore, but it looks like Tarte will come out with more round palettes each season and the highlighter/bronzer seems to be the same. So, it will hopefully give you an idea for future palettes?TarteAqualilies


 There is also an instruction card that comes with the palette, with a look on each side (Splish Splash and Poolside Coolside). Before purchasing, I was afraid the palette is going to be too big or clumsy, but it’s perfect size! The palette is big enough that you can comfortably dip your brush into the eyeshadow pans, but small enough to fit comfortably in one hand. While I do have concerns about the palette rolling when stored vertically, I love the fact that the round shape allow me to see my whole face in the mirror, instead of just the eyes or lips for rectangle palettes.



 If I had to pick a complaint, it’s that I wish the names for the colors are printed on the palette instead of on a piece of plastic because, let’s face it, how many of you really keep that plastic around instead of throwing it away or losing it? And while the swatches are SO PRETTY, the champagne highlighter is pigmented and powdery so make sure to use a light hand or a fan brush. Even with a fan brush I have to use a light hand to make sure my face doesn’t look like an lightbulb. On the other hand, the blush and blue eyeshadow are sheerer than the rest, which is fine since a more subtle blush is easier to apply and a sheer blue can be paired with one of the browns to give it a dualtoned sheen for office/business setting instead of as a bright blue.


 When I dropped by Sephora I also managed to swatch their newest round palette, the Rainforest After Dark, which is more brown overall. It is the same size/layout as Aqualilies, with the same overpigmented highlighter and nice matte bronzer. It is certainly a more fall-y look and a nice all-in-one for when traveling.TarteAqualilies5

And that is that, no skincare journal last/this week. I learned a lot about how my skin react to food, hormone and dehydration so far, but there’s a lot of the same/repetitive stuff, so I’m thinking of stop keeping a skincare journal and just do posts, unless anyone enjoys it and really want to read it, lol.


2 thoughts on “Rectangles are boring, try a round palette: Tarte Aqualilies and Rainforest

  1. I was wondering if you have maybe used up all of the Aqualillies palette. I am interested in the empty container…

    1. Ahaha, actually I’ve only used it 3 or 4 times. I do like the quality of the shadows but don’t care much for the colors except the blush. I don’t remember if I still have the packaging somewhere, but if you’d like an almost new palette then I can sell it to you. Why do you want an empty container? to collect?

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