Loose to pressed powder DIY: Guerlain Meteorites, Blanc de Perles

While the Guerlain meteorites that most people know have 3 options for light, med and dark skintone, it also have a 4th option that’s Asian exclusive called Blanc. In the pre-2014 version it was all white, white matte/shimmer and silver, while the current version have some light colors in them, which seems much more user friendly. Since it’s an Asian exclusive, I have to order it from international websites. I got a set of mini pearls from Izzy’s Beauty, but Strawberrynet have some promo going on and is cheaper, so that’s where I ordered it from. Well, they packaged it very well with lot of sterofoam and peanuts, but it’s true that the new/current pearls are more fragile than the old ones so it didn’t look so good when it arrived…..


When I emailed the customer service, they offered me a 50% off since half of the products survived. It’s not like I’ll ever run out of meteorites so I figured less pearls is ok, and it’s an opportunity for me to do the loose to pressed powder DIY I’ve been wanting to do for a while. But first, swatches… =)

GuerlainBlancNow then, teint rose/clair is the fairest of the worldwide Guerlain meteorites line and it’s pretty much a white powder, so how much whiter/lighter can Blanc be? I took out the pearls, where both have the purple, pink and yellow pearls. Teint rose/clair have green matte, beige shimmer and white shimmer while Blanc have white with gold/warm shimmer, white with cool shimmer, and white matte.


In comparison the Clair/teint rose look a bit green or neutral while Blanc is a tad pinker, but really, I don’t think there’s much of a difference on the face since we are not applying it liberally. If the swatches are not side by side, both of them would just look white. Since it looks like 1/3 of the pearls in Blanc has been reduced to powder, I decided to try to use up that first before playing with the pearls, which leads to……

Loose powder to pressed powder DIYDIYpressed powder0

The simplest one is where you just need alcohol and a container. I heard that alcohol with lower percentage (70% etc) is better since it doesn’t dry up as fast so you don’t accidentally make your powder too hard with little color pay off, but I’ve only got 97% so that’s what I used. Basically you finely crush the loose powder, spray/pour alcohol in until it’s a paste, mix evenly and press. Then wait 24 hours or so for it to dry completely before using.DIYpressed powder2

DIYpressed powder3It’s hard to crush the powder evenly and I didn’t try that hard, which is why the end result is a bit chunky when being used. However, it works fine with a brush, swatches the same and looks the same on the face. Of course it’s prettier to swirl the brush in the jar of scented pearls, but at least this way I don’t waste or overapply the loose powder. So that’s that. If you ever wished your teint rose/clair could be a tad pinker, then get Blanc, otherwise there’s not much of a difference.


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